Meet the Trainer Sgt. Mike McCutcheon

“Make someone’s day memorable.”


19 years of service as a detective, sergeant, detective sergeant, and patrol sergeant has provided Dr. Michael McCutcheon the opportunity to learn and create numerous techniques to process crime scenes and master evidence collection. Mike has investigated almost every type of crime out there, and in turn, has created or modified techniques to investigate them. His passion for forensics led him to form the national training company, Forensic Education, LLC. It focuses on educating police officers in various areas of police work through hands-on training with the goal of motivating officers to be the best they can be.

Mike knows that after “years of being exposed to the challenges of police work officers can lose their motivation. I introduce officers to the newest techniques that they can use in the field. I remind them why they got into police work to begin with.” Forensic Education promises to create unique courses tailored to the needs of your agency. You won’t find the lame, worn out courses here. One student commented that one of Mike’s classes is “like a comedy show with amazing knowledge being shared.”

As a boy growing up in Rhode Island, Mike always wanted to be a police officer. He wanted to help people. Mike reflects, “Even after 19 years I am still motivated by the drive to help those that need help. I end my daily roll-call with ‘Make someone’s day memorable’ because I know that the police have the potential to change a person’s life.”

Dr. McCutcheon earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Anna Maria College and a Master of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Western New England University. He earned his Doctorate in Education at Rivier University in Nashua, NH. His doctoral research explored the relationship between emotional intelligence and stress experienced by police officers. He uses the data discovered in his research to encourage police departments to provide emotional intelligence training to their officers in an effort to protect them from negative psychological damages resulting from exposure to prolonged stress.

He began his law enforcement career in 2000 and continues to serve the Londonderry, NH community in his role as a patrol sergeant. Mike and his wife are busy with three kids, ages 13-17. To unplug, you may see Mike hiking from sunrise to sunset. His current goal is to climb all the 4000+ foot mountains in New Hampshire.

Mike has been an educator at the collegiate level since 2007 and is currently a criminal justice professor at Southern New Hampshire University introducing new students to criminal justice. Introduction to Criminal Justice, American Policing, and Crime Scene Investigations are his most popular classes.

Dr. McCutcheon is the New England Division of the International Association for Identification’s (NEDIAI) Vice-president and was previously New Hampshire Board Member for several years. Mike is a crime scene instructor/consultant for the Lynn Peavey Company in Lenexa, KS and works with Dr. Laura Pettler & Associates in Monroe, NC solving cold cases and unsolved crimes.

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