Meet the Trainer – John Black

“Because the Truth Isn’t Gray.”

Following the data and the evidence provides the truth in black and white. With 24 years experience as a fingerprint/footwear examiner and 12 years as a crime scene investigator, John Black is sharing his knowledge through his company, Black & White Forensics, LLC in South Carolina. Their mission is simply “to focus on and provide quality forensic output.” They pride themselves on objectivity and a commitment to the physical evidence.

Black & White Forensics assists law enforcement, prosecutors, defense attorneys and others in understanding what the evidence means – or may not mean – in a given case. They can also conduct casework audits as a quality assurance mechanism so that both agency managers and bench examiners understand the quality of work being performed for their communities.

John says “I consider it a privilege to be able to share the knowledge and experience that I’ve been blessed to acquire.” He has trained groups such as law enforcement (patrol officers, investigators, managers), crime scene investigators, forensic scientists, military personnel, prosecuting attorneys, defense attorneys, forensic pathologists, coroners and high school and college students in more than 250 classes to date. The goal of the training courses is to ensure every attendee gains both a deeper understanding and working knowledge of the subject matter presented. John is happy to customize one of his course offerings, or it may be delivered in connection with Ron Smith and Associates, Inc.

When he’s not sharing his knowledge through Black & White Forensics, John says “I enjoy reading the Bible, spending time with my family, playing golf and trying to stay fit as I grow older.”

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Upcoming classes

Collaboration with Ron Smith & Associates:

  • June 10 – 14 – Understanding Exclusion & Sufficiency Decisions – Bowling Green, OH
  • Sept. 9 – 13 – Understanding Exclusion & Sufficiency Decisions – Irvine, CA
  • Sept. 16 – 20 – Fundamentals of Crime Scene Investigation – Arlington, TX

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