Kelly’s Crime Scene Corner

Got to admit I was a typical CSI on this one. A fingerprint powder that smells like Mom’s fresh baked cookies? Crazy. Took my first whiff. OK, so I was tempted to right off the bat, lick off the rim as a little taste test…but didn’t. Smelled good enough to eat, but question is, would it work to develop prints for a picky investigator/educator?

Dipped my clean Peavey brush into a small pile of powder (so as not to cross-contaminate the whole jar.) Tapped off the excess (as I usually do) then swirled this vanilla/cinnamon/nutmeg blend of spices ever so gently over my test prints. To my shock, they developed perfectly and instantly…almost better than with a standard colored Peavey Powder.

Almost in disbelief, I tried it again and again on a variety of surfaces, oily and dry latents. Still the same excellent results! I give it a two thumbs up! It’s called Powder In The Raw…comes in a variety of colors and special pricing at around $5 a jar is great too!

If you have questions about this Crime Scene tidbit, reach out to Regional Forensic Specialist, Kelly Ayers, MS, CSCSA, well-known trainer, speaker and past CSI. She can be reached for comments or just shooting the breeze at or 681-285-8080.

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