The Daily Hound is back!

The crime scene newsletter designed to give you just a few table scraps and nibbles of information.

You know it isn’t right to feed your dog at the dinner table…but just a little won’t hurt either. So goes the articles found in the Daily Hound. Hopefully, it is full of little scraps that you can use in your day to day.

But for it to really be of use, we want your input. Send us your tips and tricks of the trade, the little secrets you use that may be of interest to other investigators. Possible words of encouragement that we all can use. Keep it brief or make it long. We will paraphrase it down for you into short, bite-sized chunks of information for easy digestion. General Law Enforcement oriented, or geared to any discipline related to crime scene including property and the crime lab.

And, just for your submission, you will get a free bottle of Tracker’s Sludge, Crime Scene baseball cap or printed t-shirt. So get those ideas flowing, on paper or an email. We are waiting on YOU! C’mon. Get your tip published!!! Send it to