Pressure sensitive labels and tapes

Our very own Tracker came up with this little tidbit. Makes a lot of sense.

If you really, really, really need a label or evidence tape to stick permanently…you might want to use a burnishing tool to make sure your adhesive makes full contact with the surface.

But first, you want to make sure that the adhesive you are using is actually permanent. Permanence is an often overused term. Is it “good enough for average consumer use?” Or is it good enough to withstand law enforcement use? Most label companies don’t know, because they don’t make it. Cheaper adhesives are out there…but will they work? Buyer beware.
Back to burnishing. A burnishing tool can be as simple as an eraser on the end of a pencil. Something to help you get some pressure on especially the outside edges. Without it…if air or moisture gets under the sealed area, you may be inviting problems down the line. Other ideas may be a credit card, paper clip or the plastic tip on the cap of a Sharpie marker.

A pain in the back side? Maybe. But are you really, really, really concerned? Will it work on every surface all of the time? Doesn’t hurt right?

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