“Raw” fingerprint powder has a new name…

Jim in his product (re) training saw the results and took one whiff of our newest creation. This being the safer, natural-based formulas incorporating spices like vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg. Jim thought that because of our mascot, Tracker, “why not call it Powder In The RUFF…as in…that’s what Tracker would say?” It sunk in, and Doug Peavey decided it was a better name than what he came up with. Powder In The RUFF it is. Maybe Doug isn’t this set-in-his-ways President after all. This is now specially priced…and specially spiced to get you to try this over your conventional fingerprint dust. It is guaranteed to get better results out in the field.

Although it may smell like grandma’s cookies, don’t eat it, and always wear your PPE. If you can still catch a whiff of cinnamon, you may want to go a little lighter on your powdering, or check your mask for leaks! And buy one of our handmade Fiber or Feather Dusters too!

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