Tracker’s Sniffed Out Some New Blood!

You have already met our “Fearsome Threesome.” Al Price as our North West Territory rep, and Kelly Ayers out in West Virginia, and Mike McCutcheon still buried in the snow in the upper North East…and still a Tom Brady groupie. You can call on them to offer one-on-one service or answers to your questions.

Now, our Dynamic-Duo. Jeff Cheek and Jim Totten. Like the threesome above, each has extensive law enforcement experience. One even used his first issued Lynn Peavey fingerprint kit nearly 25 years ago! Still has the hand-made Fiber Duster it came with, and still going strong! Jeff will concentrate on the central states: Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa and Oklahoma. Jim? He is still negotiating on adding to his concentration list Hawaii and the Caribbean territories and the travel schedule involved. Will keep you posted on how the talks go with Doug Peavey.

Again, they are all put in place to serve YOU, the customer and prospect alike. They are all thrilled and anxious to help solve your packaging and crime scene needs. Give them a ring or email.

So as you can tell. Lynn Peavey Company is on an all-out-blitz. More to come with other developments forthcoming.

Jeff Cheek
Jim Totten