Introducing Regional Sales Manager – Gary Andrews

Gary Andrews comes to Lynn Peavey with over 35 years’ experience managing lumberyards. During this time, Gary was also an elected official as a City Commissioner and Vice Mayor. He said “a large part of our duties was putting together budgets and keeping our Police Department updated and equipped with the latest gear and supplies.”

Gary was also was a regular ride-along with the police during the night shifts. He said, “I found it so interesting, and I would be better informed about what their needs were when they presented their budgets to the Commission.”

His experiences have given him an unique perspective of how difficult it is for departments to work within their budgets and keep their forces supplied with what they need to do their important work in the field.

Gary and his wife have 6 grandchildren and they enjoy watching them play sports. In his free time, Gary plays golf and hunts, mostly pheasants and doves. “My wife and I love to take walks and are really enjoying the Kansas City area since relocating here.”

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