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Stock your supply closet with Printed #12 Kraft Evidence Bags (#05229) or #25 Kraft Evidence Bags (#05231). Discounts are automatically applied based on these quantities ordered: To place an order of more than 100 packs, or to mix and match sizes call us at 800-255-6499. No other discounts apply. Due to weight, additional shipping charges may apply. Buy Now
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Dog Blog - Tidbits for CSI's

  • A few table scraps & nibbles of information.

    You know it isn’t right to feed your dog at the dinner table…but just a little won’t hurt either. So goes the articles found in
  • Pressure sensitive labels and tapes

    Our very own Tracker came up with this little tidbit. Makes a lot of sense. If you really, really, really need a label or evidence
  • From the Invention Laboratory

    You knew we had to be always working on something. Can’t quite tell you what Doug and his Team are thinking about…’cuz we’d have to