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  • GooPrint Combo Fingerprint Kit

    GooPrint Combo Fingerprint Kit is the perfect kit when the bad guy leaves his prints on tape when binding a victim. Goo Print mixes to form a paste that you "paint" on the adhesive side of tape. Rinse it off and you got the fingerprints to your guy or gal! This kit includes:
    • One canister of black GooPrint fingerprint powder
    • One canister of white GooPrint fingerprint powder
    • One four-ounce container of dispersion solution
    • One seven-inch goat's hair brush
    • Two empty jars with lids
    • One empty plastic bottle for mixing
    • Two pipettes for measuring
    • Three spoons for measuring
    • One carrying case with custom foam inserts
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  • GooPrint White Fingerprint Powder

    If you're needing some extra powder to go with your GooPrint Combo kit, here's your solution! GooPrint White Fingerprint Powder is ideal for darker surfaces.
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  • GooPrint Fingerprint Powder

    Ever get your fingers stuck with gobs of duct tape on a household project? Same thing happens to the bad guy when he is binding a kidnap victim, leaving his fingerprints on the adhesive side. GooPrint Fingerprint Powder mixes to form a paste that you "paint" the adhesive side of the tape with. Rinse it off and you have just ID'd your guy (or gal)!
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