We differentiate ourselves from the pack in many ways. Just one, we actually make most of the forensic products we provide.

For 40 years, we have been creating better mousetraps for police departments, lab technicians, teachers and military personnel. We do it smack dab in the middle of the USA, but have sales offices worldwide. Our manufacturing plant is, well…very unique and varied… and filled with some of the most creative thinkers in the business.

The cool stuff we make ranges from fingerprint powder, brushes, labels and tapes, every type of evidence container known, forensic lights, narcotics identification, biohazard supplies and all sorts of kits, kits and more kits. We even provide training for a jillion topics related to crime scene investigation.

We also understand a thing or two about logistics. We can get your orders made, out the door, on time and in your hands. And if you have a suggestion, problem or if you just want to chew the fat, we have a special team who can do that too.

That’s us in a nutshell. Pretty cool story if you ask us…but then again…that’s the short story.


A little secret tucked away amidst the Kansas wheat…

We are a manufacturer with some surprising capabilities. Our facility is full of an array of equipment that does our in-house printing, bagging, ampoule filling, chemical processing, kit assembly, brush making, powder mixing and blending, machine shop, etc.

Usually, you can’t “Google it” to find a machine to build it. And so it goes with our manufacturing machinery. Most of it is born out of our ingenuity and out of necessity. “Jury-Rigged.” Self-made and self-designed.

Pictures of how we do things? Nope. You know what they say, “If we told you then we’d have to…”

Suffice it to say we have very creative cost effective ways of making products…and it’s you who benefits from our resourcefulness and ingenuity.


Got one stashed away in that messy closet of yours?

Feel free to talk with us. (It isn’t going to be making you any money stuck in that closet now is it?)

If you’re worried we’ll steal your idea, forget it. Haven’t ripped anyone off yet, and don’t intend on starting now. (If it makes you feel better, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement.)

We’ll hash things out, talking of all the aspects of turning your idea into a household name…and we’ll talk about money. Keep in mind that some of our most successful products were born with the help of inventors like you.

Contact Doug Peavey at for more information on the submission process.


“But the damn thing slobbers all over!”

Maybe so, but Tracker’s a veritable canine icon who stands for a whole lot more than your typical bloodhound. As such, he has been our corporate mascot for well over 30 years.

Why? Because he stands for what we all strive to be as a company.

He’s loyal and trustworthy. Pretty easy to please and intensely focused on the mission that he was bred to accomplish…sniffing out the bad guy. He’s always gregarious, cheerful and willing to perform. Toss him an occasional bone and he’ll be most appreciative…even more so with a more substantial meal.

Tracker has been gone for many years now, but his enduring spirit still lives on. His picture is emblazoned on every one of the products we sell…just to remind us.

Guess we’re just crazy dog people here. We figure a little bit of dog drool now and then never hurt anybody. (We’ll keep a towel ready just in case.)