zipr-weld maxWe got recent request for a large bid from a major department for evidence tape. It specified another brand, and no-substitute. The nerve!!!

Did you think we’d lay back and let it go to a competitor? And us with our new, never been seen before Zipr-WeldMAX product? NO WAY!

Within a few hours of the bid opening, our sales department shipped off a FedX’d sample roll at the agency’s request for final evaluation. It not only met their expected request but EXCEEDED by far their original specifications. We ended up winning the award and shipped the order within a couple of days. Boom (microphone drops.)

Another Zipr-Weld™ True Story…

And specifically, about a competitor of ours. We won’t call them out by name. That’s not right. We have made our share of mistakes ourselves. It happens.

We invented the first “white-stripe” evidence tape for writing your date and initials for improved chain of custody.

There are (possibly thousands) of competing rolls of evidence tape out there with a major flaw. The tape may look like Zipr-Weld or Zipr-WeldMAX, but the white stripe scratches off, even with light scratching…taking with it the ball-point or Sharpie written date and initials.

Can you imagine the hey-day the defense would have? Scratched off chain of custody?

We assure you. That would never happen with a Zipr-Weld product. Never has. All our solvent-based inks stick to the specialized tape film. Permanently. And pass the scratch test. If you aren’t using Zipr-Weld, you may want to test your tape with just a simple swipe of a fingernail. We’ll be glad to print you some good stuff pronto.

And another…

We hide a covert Ultraviolet (UV) hidden certified “born-on” date on every roll of white stripe Zipr-Weld tape. Standard procedure here. Nobody else in the whole world does it. Are we the only ones concerned about a tight chain of custody?

Fresher tape sticks better. Born-on dating is critical.


Long gun boxes. No really, oversized AR-Styles.

We are for some reason not pulling the trigger on the idea put up by some folks in Louisiana and Georgia. Not usually like us. Reason, they will cost a boat-load to cut and produce. We need some encouragement from the field before we do. Got anything to say on this packaging conundrum? Let us know. Now while you are thinking about it at


Tried ‘em yet? No? Why not?

Do you really want your blood pressure to rise significantly? Closing and sealing bags with evidence tape for most people is a major frustrating and time-consuming challenge. Roll-N-Seal is offered at no extra charge, so there is no reason to not make your jobs easier and faster.

The little Roll-N-Seal strips affixed to our Kraft evidence bags make closing and sealing a breeze. The little wire strips allow for the bag opening to stay closed…almost instantly…while you seal the bag with Zipr-Weld (now MAX) evidence tape.

If you have figured out a way to seal bags easily without the Roll-N-Seal feature, let us know! Until then, roll and seal them!
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