Heck, you can even use them for powdering for prints in a storm if you wanted to. (Just kidding…it’s the powder you are going to have trouble with.)

The Elite line of fiber and feather dusters are just plain and simple…better brushes. We are not bagging on our regular line, but we are just saying.

What makes these slightly blue-tinted brushes better than all others? A dual treatment process. The first, a patented process where the brush filaments or tendrils are treated to reduce the amount of friction with the evidence surface by up to 40%. Then, we have another patented process that renders the brush almost impervious to moisture and cross contaminants. Basically you have the softest, smoothest brush in the world, and basically *waterproof.

We make, treat, trim and condition each brush here by hand. We guarantee each brush (and every other evidence collection product we make)…but we realize that you almost have to see the brush to believe it. We post videos with one of our resident experts (in this case, Mike McCutcheon) on the web to demonstrate. But sometimes that’s not enough.

Call us today, and we will send you a free sample of the Elite brush…a $15 value…absolutely FREE!

You will want to use the Elite Brush as your go-to brush for all of your processing needs, regardless of weather or surface, night or day.

If you can’t wait, we’ll give you the first one free (as a tester) with any brush order. And we will still guarantee it! We’ll even drop the price by $5 a brush down to $9.95. (Can you tell that we are really trying to get the word out on the Elite line?)

*Waterproof is a relative term. You obviously wouldn’t want to use a fingerprint brush under water. But on mornings with dew or on days with high humidity, your brush (and results) will as you know suffer. Sometimes if you touch it to too much water, you may be looking to replacing it. You always want to air-dry your evidence first before processing with powder.


You have your unused new Elite Fiber Duster in front of you. And you have another unused, brand new fiberglass brush in front of you too. (Hopefully a Lynn Peavey brush, but either which way.) The third thing you’ll need is a coffee cup with about 1” of water in it.

Take the untreated brush and dip it ever so quickly into the water. Just a second is all it will take. Unless you are super-fast, we can almost guarantee that you will be pulling back a soggy, ruined brush.

Now try the Elite, same speed. Remove it from the water, spin it out real good then feel it. Bone dry. It will even perform well once you have powdered and used the brush. Especially with the pricing we have on these, you’ll never use another brush again!

Pictured left is untreated brush dipped in water. Pictured right is treated Elite brush dipped in water.



You can start to feel it. It’s now June and it’s soon going to be July.

The ChillVest is the answer for all crime scene investigators working in the outdoors. It is a technologically advanced vest that “freezes” in any temperature less than 58 degrees. Once worn, you will get up to 4 hours of cool relief. Click here for more info. Drop in the freezer for 40 minutes, or let it sit in a refrigerator or ice chest for a bit longer. It is the coolest product we have. Priced at just $225 it may protect lost time due to heat-related stress. And for a way to get a ChillVest for just $85, click here for a special-priced catalog.


From Freeport, Maine we got a call saying that our Cocaine Swab test wasn’t working the way it should. After testing, it was found that the swabs that they had been using were at least 5 years old.

The pink-colored chemical that we use in the test almost instantaneously reacts to form a bright blue colored smudge in the presence of even slight traces of cocaine (or its family.) The procedure involves swabbing the surface for cocaine, then holding the swab apparatus vertical, crack the tip with the blue line then the chemical saturates the collection tip and voila! A great detection method.

What had happened in Maine was that over the 5 years it appears that some of the chemical liquid had “evaporated” and now only had ½ the chemical when brand new. Less chemical means less saturation on the swab tip. There wasn’t enough to reach the cocaine. We found that if you pinched the swab tip to saturate it, you could get the resultant blue indicator. Works, but not as intended.

So, now we are recommending using the swabs a bit faster than before. We have an inventory on perfectly good swabs. We just recommend that you use them within a year or two for best results…and definitely within 5 years like Freeport found out the hard way.

To clear our (perfectly good) inventory we have decided to run a 50% off sale. While supplies last, boxes of 50 QuickCheck Cocaine Swabs are now marked down from $30 to just $15! Just enter coupon code SWAB617.

Top is Freeport’s old swab.
Bottom is new Lynn Peavey swab.

Got an idea related to crime scene investigation that you would want to share to the masses in law enforcement? Think of it…through our massive network, your tip could be seen by millions! Send it to us for possible inclusion in a future issue of the Daily Hound. Even if we don’t publish it, we’ll shoot you a bottle of our world famous Tracker’s Sludge.


People I meet around the country really think I have it made.

“Wow, you must be printing money…you’re selling to law enforcement?…the Trump administration is supposedly spending billions on police related supplies…blah, blah, blah…” I truly feel lucky that we have been granted the opportunity to develop, make and sell stuff to you guys. Shoot. I’ve been doing it now for over 36 years. I am starting to lose some of my friends and customers due to retirements, ailments, cancer or just plain old age. (Knock on wood it won’t be me soon…I will be kicking and clawing my way if that ever does happen.)

I can tell you this. I may not be the most organized person to figure out a communication plan to tell you all this. But I assure you. I am grateful for every dollar that you have spent with the Lynn Peavey Company.

And I can further assure you that most of the people that we have employed (probably in the thousands) have a similar gratitude. It’s just the way we roll here. If you can’t be appreciative of what you’ve got, you won’t last around me for too long.

Sure I would like it if you’d bag the competitor’s product and come over to our side. $10 or $10,000. I don’t care. Just know that every single, dog-eared, crumpled up dollar is still appreciated by us here at the Lynn Peavey Company.

Just tell us what we have to do to get more of your dollars. We will earn it the old-fashioned way…and by any means necessary.

Hopefully this little Daily Hound newsletter has some pretty good deals in it to help get things rolling.