By: Doug Peavey

We all know your local crime lab system requires you to protect and seal all collected evidence with a tamper resistant (and indicating) seal. This shows you maintained a “chain of custody.”

For those who are “flying under the radar,” you probably are aware that your day is coming when the court will question the integrity of your evidence. Saving a couple of bucks with improper evidence packaging is not where you want to be.

The tape you want is our Zipr-Weld. It is a thin, color-tinted translucent film that sticks to everything. “Zippered” edges cause the tape to rip and shred if anyone tries to gain entry. It looks professional when placed on the evidence container…especially when your department’s custom imprint is on the package.

But…I realize that some of you guys are a bit shall we say, frugal too. And ordering evidence tape is no exception. But it’s personal with me. I have many, many goals in life…but one is with our evidence tape. I want to get our tape in the hands of everyone.

I just pulled the trigger on buying yet another press…to increase our speed and capacity. With this new press, we now have the ability to run as low as three rolls of custom printed tape.

I repeat. Three rolls of custom tape. At normal pricing that’s less than $44 for three!

Not good enough you say? For a limited time (and I mean really limited.) Three rolls. Zipr-Weld. Any color. With your custom department imprint. Ok. I’ll even have it done within one week.

All for a total of just $29.95.

Crazy? Maybe. I just want to persuade you to start using our tape…and start to have you looking good in the process. Offer good for item #’s 88884, 88887, 75015, 75012. Expires March 31, 2017.


By: Daniel Holstein

Why the folks at Lynn Peavey named him “Daniel” is beyond me. Is it because of my experience with the LA County Coroner’s Office? Or the fact that I was requested to consult on the realism and the scientific accuracy on the set with the hit TV CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Las Vegas)?

Teaching “Forensic Science” at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is exciting and has many rewards. One of the challenges includes educating students on the reality of “How to perform” the variety of tasks, in a multitude of forensic disciplines; to include, but not limited to, Crime Scene Investigations.

These crime scene training mannequins are excellent tools for setting the stage, adding authenticity and the ability to teach and demonstrate mechanisms of injury and wound identification, without the odors and pathogens associated with reality.

Learning the art and science involved with crime scene investigations and crime scene reconstructions is limited with words and pictures in a textbook. However, using a six-foot life sized mannequin is not only visual, but also tactile and is an excellent educational and demonstrative tool; second to standing face to face with a real body on a metallic table or gurney at the morgue. The realistic nature of using these (three-dimensional mannequins) is realistic, while some may think they are creepy.

Each one can be custom made to your specifications; male or female, adult or child, clothed or unclothed, short hair or long hair. Use your imagination as you come up with different wounds/injury patterns to include, but not limited to: lacerations/road rash, contusions, incisions, bloodstain patterns, tire track marks, bullet holes, and various stages of livor mortis and decomposition. The head and arms are removable to increase the variety of injuries to fit many scenarios. The Lynn Peavey Company will send pictures as your mannequin is created to fit the needs of your classroom, training situation or courtroom presentation.

Overall, the mannequin is an excellent tool and must have piece of equipment in your arsenal of forensic science aids!

Item #99065 – Limited Flex Mannequin.

Daniel Holstein is a consultant and frequent contributor with an extensive background in death investigation and crime scene investigations. Retired from the Las Vegas Metro PD, as well as the Los Angeles and Riverside County Coroner’s offices. Hollywood producers based the main actor after him in CSI: Las Vegas. He now instructs at UNLV. Call us if you would be interested in booking him for a training course or conference.


By: Mike McCutcheon

The Lynn Peavey Company has been nice enough to work with me supplying me with products that I believe in…and do my training videos with. They have some great stuff!

Take a look at this one though: This new product is definitely going to be a winner!

You know the damage that humidity, moisture and surface contaminants can cause when processing prints with powder and brush.

Try this: Take your brand new regular brand fiberglass brush and dip it into a glass of water. Yup. You read that right. Dip it even just for a second. Instantly, the brush sucks up the moisture, wilts your brush and ruins it. Try dusting with it.

Now try this! Dip the Fiber Duster Elite brush in the water. It stays dry. Nothing will stick to it (except powder.) Twirl it to remove any excess moisture, and you are good to go. This little test works with a powdered Elite brush as well.

Again. Take a look at my short demonstration video: Simply amazing.

Now, they won’t tell me the secret that they treat the brush with. Say it is “patent pending.” All I know is that it is the most amazing fingerprint brush I have seen yet. (It is also treated to reduce the amount of friction with all evidence surfaces by over 40%…a double bonus if you ask me.)

The blue-tinted Fiber Duster Elite is priced at $14.50. But if you tell them “Mike sent me” they’ll give it to you for just $9.95 each!

Item #08539 Fiber Duster Elite

Item #08537 Feather Duster Elite

Mike is currently a police Sergeant with the Londonderry (NH) Police Department. He also is a trainer and has his own series, “Forensic Education” which has gone viral on the internet these past couple of years. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a training course or conference.


By: Doug Peavey

A couple of weeks ago, the Lynn Peavey Company lost a 58-year-old veteran team member to cancer. He was our lead shipping and receiving clerk and worked for us for 13 years. We knew that he coughed a lot…but I just figured that it was due to his smoking and living large.

He and I would talk occasionally, mostly about BBQ, drinking beer and working on cars or projects around the house.

It was a big surprise when he came out in late September and said the doctors are not sure yet, but he shared with me he may have lung cancer and it might have already gone to his lymph nodes and possibly to his brain. I just figured that he’d probably have a fight on his hands, but he’ll be back…he was just that kind of guy.

We sat down and talked for about 15 minutes then about what the doctors might find and how if the news was bad how he might fight it.

He left on permanent disability and now 4 short months later, he is gone.

At Christmas, I was admittedly preoccupied with dealing with a bunch of international business travel, and closing the corporate year out with a bang. Thought about sending Dave a present, making sure that he knew we were thinking of him (which he did)…but then again I was “too busy” and decided against it (partially due to the restrictions of HIPPA.)

A lesson I learned all too late…do what you feel is right…right then when you are thinking about it. If not, you may not have the chance to do it later.

In a way, I feel that I made my peace with him the last time we sat down and talked. I blew it because I felt like there was more I could have done. Have you been there too?