zipr-weld maxThe latest and greatest zig-zag to keep up with what you guys have been inquiring about. “Can you make your evidence tape stickier?” some have asked.

These dog-gone manufacturers of plastics, paper pulp and cardboard containers have opted to go with this cheaper, post-consumer waste craze. Sometimes creating like an oil-slick with getting our Zipr-Weld evidence tape to stick.

Our adhesive chemists listened and answered with the new formula Zipr-WeldMAX. Ultimately creating a bond 2-3 times stronger and more secure than anything on the market. We are immediately switching 100% of our production to the new adhesive formula.

We are that sure of its initial and long-term holding power. We just don’t change adhesive formulas on a whim. It has to be a NOTICEABLE and UNIVERSAL improvement. You will see it in your next shipment of custom (or stock) evidence tape. Specially priced on our website, too. Just enter coupon code LOYAL at checkout.


Fentanyl is some bad stuff out there. Nuff said. Narcan injections are no fun and they hurt. A bunch. Maybe like a thousand bee stings.

The ONLY certified crime scene glove that’ll protect you…the Raven Glove. We are not telling you what to do, but for safety sake, go with a certified glove. Black and with a textured grip.

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Roll-N-SealYou all know how difficult it is to keep a loaded Kraft evidence bag closed. Especially while securing the contents with a security seal like a tamper-indicating evidence tape (Zipr-Weld.)

Some have described it somewhat like trying to remove a hook from the mouth of an angry flopping fish. You really need three hands or an extra person. A stapler would be nice, but that is a no-no in crime scene protocols.

The new Roll-N-Seal concept is now available on Kraft evidence bags ONLY from the Lynn Peavey Company. The Roll-N-Seal feature is a simple wire-strip attached near the opening of the bag. To close the bag, you simply roll the top down, folding the strip in half, and then seal with your integrity seal. The closure process is secure and almost instantaneous. The taping now will be able to be done in a fraction of the time.

For more information, go to our website at and see a brief video to see how quick and easy this really is. It’s fantastic!

Speaking of fantastic, see the article on Zipr-WeldMAX for sealing bags and boxes.


roll-n-sealLynn Peavey Company President Doug Peavey noticed in an airplane seat pocket an (empty) barf bag.

Curious, he took it out and started playing. Blew it up several times, then sealing it shut with the little wire tie attached.

Over…and over and over.

Enough times that he noticed that people around him, scooching over as far away as they could. “Don’t worry!” Doug said, “I work in law enforcement…and I am testing out a new concept in securing evidence.”

He was guessing, that similarly with a little wire strip, properly placed on an evidence bag, you can create the perfect, secure, quick and easy closure. All you need to do is roll the bag then pinch it closed. Then you have a flat surface to apply your tamper indicating (Zipr-Weld) evidence tape.

Needless to say, our ideas or methods are by no means conventional.


We developed the Instant ID™ Evidence Envelopes some 35 years ago. They instantly became a staple in most property rooms to store a variety of evidence. You could see what you’ve got by looking through the huge window in the front, and it was made from Kraft paper so the evidence was able to breathe (unlike an air-tight plastic bag.)

With typical handgun, knife or rifle boxes (which we make and carry) there is not the same need to be as concerned with biological putrification. But securing the evidence was. Within the container, we placed several holes like a pegboard so you could ratchet it down with tamper-resistant zip nylon ties.

Fast forward to today. Crime labs, property rooms and courtrooms are recommending that, like the Instant ID concept, you be able to see inside the box. Called the DiscoveryBox. With a huge crystal-clear “discovery” window right in front. The window can be “closed” with a flap when not in use. It makes it much more convenient and safer for the jury to review, examine and discover the evidence by looking through the window.

These are made by us…and they are incredibly popular, so plan ahead with ordering. Handgun size only at this point. Sold in bundles of 20. Special internet pricing at

Some tips for packaging. Secure UNLOADED weapons only. “Magazines” or “clips” should be removed. With revolvers, have the cylinders held open to show there are no bullets (with a nylon tie.) DO NOT put anything in the barrel. That could alter ballistics analysis. Seal all seams with Zipr-WeldMAX evidence tape and sign.


Insta-PocketMaybe the idea came to us while at our trade show booth. Or maybe it was in the hospitality room. We aren’t saying.

An FBI Evidence Response Technician, wearing dark sunglasses, floppy hat and in a gruff disguised voice whispered to us, “Hey, did you know there are no pockets in the typical white Tyvek bunny suits? Used to avoid cross-contamination?”

Over the coming months, this covert operation began. We have fine-tuned the CSI Insta-Pocket™ for worldwide distribution. It has a pressure-sensitive back that when peeled away puts a temporary pocket anywhere you want one.

Extra gloves, swabs, flashlight, note pads, rulers, etc., all fit in the Insta-Pocket’s generously sized (7” x 10”) clear pocket. Basically, a cheap, quick, temporary pocket. We all carry tons of stuff around…and it is a big evidence “no-no” to unzip while at the scene.

U.S. Patent Pending.


We strongly encourage you not to use any evidence tape as a sealing tape. Evidence tape is specifically meant to be a tamper-indicating chain of custody seal.

Otherwise, if used for a heavy-duty seal, you will find yourself frustrated and miserable. The evidence tape may pull off the container and be left flapping in the wind. Worse, it may fracture even if no one has tampered with it.

As you can instantly tell, to the touch, Zipr-WeldMAX is the same super-thin, fragile film. Stickier than tar. Meant to cause the tape to rip and shred upon removal attempts. Chemical tampering will cause bleeding of the ink.

And remember…this is a pressure sensitive adhesive. Make sure the tape is fully pressed down firmly so the tape will bond fully…with no air bubbles or gaps.

Check our website for more informative videos.


Filling my tank with one of my hobbies. Obviously not every day goes as planned.

Knowing your fuel gauge is critical. We aren’t like Teslas or other electric vehicles that run on 100% power…until you are out of fuel. As people, when we are getting low on “fuel” we begin to see a drop in performance.

Think about it. When we are 80% full or more, we are performing at our optimal levels. We smile, engage well with others, clarity and energy are high, we are patient, optimistic, enthused, organized, fun to be around, etc.

When we are about 30% or less, the effects are more noticeable and negative. We tend to be more agitated, worried, depressed, moody, mean, we feel stressed, overwhelmed, apathetic, tired and exhausted. If we are flat on empty, the wheels start to come off and we are in some serious trouble.
We need to start looking for a filling station somehow when our gauge starts getting below 60-70%.

The filling station? Maybe a walk. Maybe taking a day off. Playing with the dog. Meeting with friends. Hobbies. Vacations. Nature. Religion. Maybe getting some professional help. Whatever floats your boat.

If you find yourself low on fuel, admit it. Own it. Everyone gets low at times. Get re-filled as soon as you can.
Here I am, recommending self-help…to you. Calling the kettle black. I have allowed myself to get awfully low on fuel at times. Trying to “fake it till I make it.”

Moreso than ever, I appreciate every dollar you have spent with us. We promise…we will do everything in our power to earn more of your trust going forward. Drop me a line, an email or call if I can be of any help.


scalemarq evidence markersThe idea came from a crime scene unit out of Colorado. They are little, highly-visible yellow plastic arrows with a dry-erase scale that can be cleaned with alcohol. The ScaleMarqs are used for highlighting and documenting evidence for the photographic record.

Vertical surfaces as well as horizontal, there are little temporary adhesive dots (available separately) that stick on walls, or hold them tight in windy conditions.

Just saying, many crime scene photography units wouldn’t leave the office without them. Yes, check out our website for up to date pricing.