• Store in a cool, preferably dry environment.
  • Use one per 10-15 gallon fuming chamber.
  • Use 3-4 for car interiors.
  • Usually development is “done” within 5 minutes in a small chamber, 30-45 minutes for a car.
  • The created fumes and steam rises…place your evidence above for best results.
  • No need to add humidity, it is built-in.
  • Only use a few drops of the developer…or carefully watch development time.
  • Unit gets hot for at least 7-10 minutes during the process.
  • Be careful not to overdevelop.
  • Dispose of normally, use with adequate ventilation.

TapeTenderA simple Velcro strap that will revolutionize how Evidence Tape is used.

Just now available. And only from us.

If you are like most, the little paper board dispenser box (while helpful) had its drawbacks.

Just another option…

We ditched the dispenser box, and permanently put this little Velcro retaining strap on the rolls of tape. (Otherwise, you’d lose it just like us.)

No instructions. No more mess. No more fuss. No waste. Just easy dispensing…at exactly the length you need. Then use the split-backed liner for fast application. And…no extra cost!

YOU CAN’T GOOF IT UP! Look for it when ordering (split-back) rolls.

*U.S. Patent Pending