I was put on board as a Regional Forensic Specialist…almost a year ago…right when COVID hit. Training and Conferences hit the skids, and we found ourselves (all of us) buried with other needs. To say I am flexible is an understatement!

So basically, I get a do-over. The situation has stabilized somewhat and I will go back to what I have been hired to do. So if you get a call from some number you don’t recognize, it might be me. Having worked as a CSI and educator in Forensic Science myself, I know the drill. I’ll just leave a message…if anything, just to offer my free services, thank you for your business or maybe to tell you about the new innovations we have available.

Just a hint…if you do take the call, I might have some free samples of new or test products! We always are looking for guinea pigs!

Kelly Ayers, MS, CSCSA