Robert Krebs comes to Lynn Peavey Company with several decades as an Upper/Senior Management professional with proven abilities at successfully managing and directing large sales operations, divisions and business units.

After majoring in Criminal Justice in college, Bob entered law enforcement as a Police Officer. He advanced upward through various divisions including Patrol, Traffic Investigation and as a Detective in Robbery/Homicide. Bob said, “I eventually became a Lieutenant/Director of Training, which enabled me to oversee the initial and ongoing continuing education and training of officers.” In this position, Bob focused on placing “the best officers out onto the streets.”

Outside of work, you might find Bob flying in the sky. He said “I’ve been a private pilot for over 40 years; and I’m certified to fly several types of aircraft, including fixed wing, jets and helicopters. I’m also part of an aviation organization that refurbishes and brings vintage aircraft back to flying condition, and participate in airshows across the country.” Additionally, Bob is a Krav Maga Black Belt and can be found “instructing classes in this Israeli Security Force Martial Arts form.”

Bob is a proud parent of 3 grown and married daughters and has 7 grandchildren. Bob and his wife Lorraine “enjoy dining out, movies, travel and are both voracious readers.”


Lynn Peavey Company is proud to welcome Jana Norwood to our team. Jana comes to us with over 15 years of account management and sales experience. She prides herself in being hands-on and customer service oriented. Jana will be your advocate for the world’s best forensic products at the best prices.

Jana “always wanted to be in law enforcement since I was a small child but my life went in a different direction. I have always been a voracious reader, mostly of true crime and murder mysteries. I love to figure out the challenge of ‘who done it’.”

Donnie Wahlberg’s character Danny Reagan from Blue Bloods is who Jana identifies with most. “We both care deeply and will exhaust every opportunity to get resolution to challenges.” Her passion and drive is to provide you the best solutions for your needs. Give Jana a call or shoot her an email if you need to request a quote, place an order or if you have any questions.

Jana is “an extremely proud mother of two adult, married sons; an absolutely adorable almost 2-1/2 year old granddaughter and I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of another granddaughter, literally any day now. Blessed beyond measure.” As the self-proclaimed “#1 KC Chiefs fan”, she is very active and loves most sports. You might find Jana “sky diving, scuba diving, parasailing, zip lining, reading and as much time as possible at my happy place which is the beach.”


Gary Andrews comes to Lynn Peavey with over 35 years’ experience managing lumberyards. During this time, Gary was also an elected official as a City Commissioner and Vice Mayor. He said “a large part of our duties was putting together budgets and keeping our Police Department updated and equipped with the latest gear and supplies.”

Gary was also was a regular ride-along with the police during the night shifts. He said, “I found it so interesting, and I would be better informed about what their needs were when they presented their budgets to the Commission.”

His experiences have given him an unique perspective of how difficult it is for departments to work within their budgets and keep their forces supplied with what they need to do their important work in the field.

Gary and his wife have 6 grandchildren and they enjoy watching them play sports. In his free time, Gary plays golf and hunts, mostly pheasants and doves. “My wife and I love to take walks and are really enjoying the Kansas City area since relocating here.”


You know it isn’t right to feed your dog at the dinner table…but just a little won’t hurt either. So goes the articles found in the Daily Hound. Hopefully, it is full of little scraps that you can use in your day to day.

Send us your tips and tricks of the trade, the little secrets you use that may be of interest to other investigators. Words to the wise for the crime scene investigator or property officer.

And, just for your submission, you will get a free bottle of Tracker’s Sludge, Crime Scene baseball cap or printed t-shirt. So get those ideas flowing, on paper or an email. We are waiting on YOU! C’mon. Get your tip published!!! Send it to

Here’s what we have for you this month…


Our very own Tracker came up with this little tidbit. Makes a lot of sense.

If you really, really, really need a label or evidence tape to stick permanently…you might want to use a burnishing tool to make sure your adhesive makes full contact with the surface.

But first, you want to make sure that the adhesive you are using is actually permanent. Permanence is an often overused term. Is it “good enough for average consumer use?” Or is it good enough to withstand law enforcement use? Most label companies don’t know, because they don’t make it. Cheaper adhesives are out there…but will they work? Buyer beware.
Back to burnishing. A burnishing tool can be as simple as an eraser on the end of a pencil. Something to help you get some pressure on especially the outside edges. Without it…if air or moisture gets under the sealed area, you may be inviting problems down the line. Other ideas may be a credit card, paper clip or the plastic tip on the cap of a Sharpie marker.

A pain in the back side? Maybe. But are you really, really, really concerned? Will it work on every surface all of the time? Doesn’t hurt right?