I digress sometimes. I haven’t written about this song in a long, long time. Over 25 years ago in fact.

I heard Harry Chapin’s ’74 song, “Cat’s In The Cradle” driving to work recently. If you don’t know it, Google it, YouTube it or Spotify it. You’ll remember if you forgot.

In an old Daily Hound, I wrote about this song while traveling at (another) trade show to visit with customers and peddle the tools that we make for crime scent techs. In my Off The Cuff, I asked if we were making enough time for our kids. Specifically Griffin, my first one. Jobs were a hassle and people tend to get hung up on their jobs, and the world was getting busier and busier. 25 years later, I can say it only has increased and gotten even more complicated. Building a manufacturing/marketing company comes with some challenges and some real trade-offs in life. I vowed not to become too busy for my kids.

4 kids and hundreds of mistakes later, I got the chance to take my 4 grown children to Florida in January, taking all the usual COVID precautions. With all the craziness of each individual life, combined with the pandemic, it would prove to be a real test. My benchmark was “did I live my life as the famous song went…or did I do at least a pretty good job as a Dad?”

Sure, we are in most cases our own critic. But what did they think?

To my surprise, maybe it was the adult beverages, but the conversation flowed smoothly without a hitch. We talked for countless hours about nothing and everything, individually and as a family group. I am not perfect…could probably have done more…but overall, still kept the family in tact…still laughing, reminiscing and talking. Funny, it helped get them all there if Dad was paying their flights.

I recommend trips like this…and if you need to, tie a pork chop around your neck by springing to pay their way…it was well worth every dollar spent.


Jim in his product (re) training saw the results and took one whiff of our newest creation. This being the safer, natural-based formulas incorporating spices like vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg. Jim thought that because of our mascot, Tracker, “why not call it Powder In The RUFF…as in…that’s what Tracker would say?” It sunk in, and Doug Peavey decided it was a better name than what he came up with. Powder In The RUFF it is. Maybe Doug isn’t this set-in-his-ways President after all. This is now specially priced…and specially spiced to get you to try this over your conventional fingerprint dust. It is guaranteed to get better results out in the field.

Although it may smell like grandma’s cookies, don’t eat it, and always wear your PPE. If you can still catch a whiff of cinnamon, you may want to go a little lighter on your powdering, or check your mask for leaks! And buy one of our handmade Fiber or Feather Dusters too!


Yes! Emblazoned with a message that today especially rings true…110% Law Enforcement…and Proud of It.

Available for a limited time, this free t-shirt comes tucked in to every order of $200 worth of supplies. All you have to do is ask for it when ordering and consider it on its way!


Jeff Cheek comes to Lynn Peavey Company with over a decade in Law Enforcement experience. He served two departments in Identification/CSI, Property/Evidence, Training, Patrol, Narcotics, and finished as a Major/Asst. Chief of Operations before moving into corporate security work and business consulting.

Growing up, Jeff’s father started police work which sparked his interest in this “noble and certainly a worthwhile profession.” He started his college education in Criminal Justice but finished with a MA in Human Resources.

Jeff has been a long-term LE trainer in several areas and served as the media relations contact. He has also spent over a decade consulting with businesses/organizations in active shooter response and preparedness.

In 2013, Jeff started working on Cold Case homicide cases pro bono for families of the victims. He is a licensed private detective and continues to devote a good amount of time to progressing these cases and seeking closure and justice for the families. While working on these cold cases, Jeff has greatly expanded on his interest and knowledge in the areas of forensics and DNA. Jeff has appeared on Dateline and The Oxygen channel for some of his work on cold cases.

Outside of work, you can find Jeff spending time with his “two awesome grown sons”. Additionally, Jeff enjoys his daily workouts and when he has spare time, “I love to go trap/clay shooting, archery, fishing, teaching self-defense, and defensive shooting to empower others to be able to properly defend themselves if the need arises.”


Alan comes to Lynn Peavey with more than 30 years of experience in Law Enforcement. His experience includes in law enforcement and education with experience in investigating sexual assaults and homicides.

While attending college, Alan worked in the emergency room of a major hospital on the night shift. He said “I was exposed to detectives and troopers coming into the ER and interviewing victims and witnesses of crimes and accidents. I thought that was a ‘cool’ career, because you can stay up all night and get paid for it!!!!!!” He then earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminology from California State University-Fresno and earned his Master’s Degree in Sociology from Idaho State University in 1980.

Mr. Price is an Active Life Member of the International Association for Identification where he is a retired certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst. Additionally, he has been a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences since 2005, where he holds the current status as a Fellow. During his tenure with the Academy, he has conducted numerous presentations throughout the country.

Mr. Price began instructing at the University of Northern Colorado as Adjunct Faculty in 1987 and retired in 2019 as a Senior Lecturer. Mr. Price was the Program Coordinator for the undergraduate certificate program in Criminal Investigations. He coordinated specialized courses and programs in the forensic sciences within the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice and for Office of Extended Campus. At the University, he also mentored students majoring in biology and chemistry who are participating in forensic science related research projects. Professor Price retired from the University of Northern Colorado in December, 2019.

If you see Alan driving up in his white truck with the Lynn Peavey Company logo be sure to wave and invite him in for a chat! He’d love to tell you about his imagery plastic pet gold fish named, Wilbur who guards his house while he’s travelling.