As you know, our Diff-Lift is probably the best method for all sorts of heavily to slightly textured surfaces. But let’s assume that you don’t have a roll of Diff-Lift with you. You have powdered your latent and are ready to lift. What do you do?

THIS MAY NOT WORK, BUT IT’S WORTH A TRY… The most important thing to do is make sure you make complete contact with the powdered latent and the sticky side of the tape. Do this by applying your tape as usual, then use a burnishing tool…something like the eraser end of an ordinary pencil…or the cap to a Sharpie pen…or even the end of a fingerprint brush will often do. Using your “tool” you want to make sure you rub carefully over the print, making sure you get full and even contact with the textured surface and the powder.

Once you’ve done that…you’re home free! (If you want to learn more about Diff-Lift for the future, click here.)


WetPrint. Rated the best “small particle reagent” in latent processing. The micro-fine particles adhere almost magically to wet or submerged items of evidence.

You don’t have to wait till the evidence has dried…process it as found. And when it has done its developing magic, you may lift with tape…while the evidence is still wet! Simply apply the tape over the wet surface, then squeegee the tape with a roller, credit card, etc. then lift and mount.

Available in Black or White, be ready for the rain or when someone chucks an item of evidence in a puddle, lake or stream. You can get more info (and an instructional video) by clicking here.