All of the nay sayers. The experts who say cops just don’t care anymore. Unique or innovative marketing is dead. That all you want is “just the facts.” Less words and just the lowest price.

Well, to heck with them. If I want to write a little bit about some of the products we individually make and package and talk about our innovation, I will. I’ve admittedly listened and heeded their advice in the past few years…all to try and save a couple extra bucks. I have felt stifled. Like my true personality hasn’t come through. No more.

If you don’t want the long version, you are big enough to skip through to the price at the end. And you if think our price isn’t low enough, you can always rely on our price matching guarantee.

You will start to see more of the old Doug Peavey in all that we do. Warning – If you didn’t like us 20 or 30 years ago, you’re probably not going to like us much better now.

The folks at the Lynn Peavey Company are the best at their craft… whether it be making the best crime scene investigation products…or servicing the sale after it is made. Every one of them is personable, honest and down to earth, and I think it’s time again to accent those traits.

Enough said here. There’s more to come. We hope that our renewed efforts don’t turn you off and cause you to “click the unsubscribe” button. We just want to express ourselves and explain how we are different from everyone else. That’s all.