• Insta-Pocket™

    Ever notice one thing about those white Tyvek bunny suits that you are often required to wear to eliminate cross-contamination with the crime scene? There aren’t any pockets! Some people currently cut slits in the side to access their pockets. Some simply unzip to access their “stuff” they need. Both methods ruin the anti-cross-contamination theme. Thanks to the brilliant idea from a special agent with the FBI with 20 years of crime scene experience, we now manufacture the exclusive Insta-Pocket. Simply peel off the pressure-sensitive backing and stick it wherever you feel the need for a pocket. Sized at over 7” X 9”, more than enough room and deep enough to stuff all that gear you carry to a crime scene, i.e., glasses, pens, markers, note pads, measuring tapes, fingerprint powder, brushes, lifting cards, swabs, extra gloves, flashlight, calculators, cell phones, etc. Need one on each thigh? Insta-Pocket. Need one stuck on an upper arm? Insta-Pocket. Upper hip? Insta-Pocket. Backing sticks strong enough to carry over 2lbs! 20 adhesive-backed Insta-Pockets per zippered pouch. U.S. Patent Pending. (Works with other clothing or items that need temporary pockets as well.)
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  • eDust+ Electrostatic Lifter

    The eDust+ Electrostatic lifter is the newest electrostatic lifter on the market and has increased grounding capabilities to ensure the best lift possible. The eDust+ has more functionality over the Pathfinder and is hundreds of dollars less expensive. The eDust+ Electrostatic Dust Print Lifter consists of a high voltage power supply/control unit, a nickel-plated steel ground plane and a metalized lifting film. Older electrostatic models required the use of two lifting mats—one positively charged and one negatively charged. Our latest electrostatic lifter uses only one metalized plastic sheet and a metal ground plate. As high voltage is applied to the lifting mat, it takes on a negative charge and the ground plate becomes positive. Any dust present under the mat will take on a positive charge and will then be attracted to the negatively charged collection mat. A dust print that is transferred to the lifting mat will appear as a precise mirror image of the original print and lifts made from rough-surfaced floor tile or irregular flooring of any kind are facilitated using this method. KIT CONTENTS:
    • EDUST+ Electrostatic Dustprint Lifter
    • Grounding Plate
    • Instructions
    • Lifting Film, 100' x 12"
    • Plastic Case
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  • Fentanyl-Resistant Raven Nitrile Gloves

    Fentanyl-Resistant Raven Nitrile Gloves prevent accidental exposure to Fentanyl during searches/arrests and while processing non-drug evidence including currency/counters, cell phones, drug paraphernalia, pill presses, weighing scales, packaging and mail. Fentanyl-Resistant Raven Nitrile Gloves are not just tested to handle Fentanyl substances, they are ASTM D6978 certified. Features & Benefits
    • Outstanding strength, wear and dexterity
    • Powder-free exam grade nitrile
    • Non-latex
    • Single use only
    • Textured for enhanced gripping power
    • Thickness: 7 mil
    • Box of 100 gloves
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  • 60 ml Round Polypropylene Bottle

    60 ml Round Polyethylene Bottles with 33-mm opening. 33 mm polypropylene caps w/ foam liner or pressure sensitive liner sold separately. Medical Device-Lot Tracked Items - Non-Returnable
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  • 33 mm Polypropylene Cap w/ Foam Liner

    33 mm Polypropylene Cap w/ Foam Liner. Round polyethylene containers with 33-mm opening sold separately. Medical Device-Lot Tracked Items - Non-Returnable
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  • 33 mm Polypropylene Cap w/ Pressure Sensitive Liner

    33 mm Polypropylene Cap w/ Pressure Sensitive Liner. Round polyethylene containers with 33-mm opening sold separately. Medical Device-Lot Tracked Items - Non-Returnable
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  • CCC Cartridge Casing Collector

    CCC Cartridge Casing Collector is a nifty and unique mechanism to pick up spent cartridge casings found at crime scenes…without transferring any DNA. These almost indestructible CCC’s have a small enough tip to fit inside .22 caliber as well as up to .45 caliber rounds. Simply pinch the no-slip-grip tips together, insert into the opening, then slightly release the pressure. Collects that casing instantly. For DNA purposes, they come individually packaged in hermetically sealed bags. A larger, more reusable CCC is available that can handle all casings up to and including 12 gauge shotgun shell sized evidence. Durable and reusable, but for DNA we would recommend pitching or packaging with the collected evidence. Offered in packages of 10 CCC’s or a Combo Pack of 5 small and 2 large. *This idea came to us from a crime scene investigator in Topeka, Kansas!
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  • ScaleMarq™ Evidence Markers

    ScaleMarq Evidence Markers clearly mark evidence found at the scene whether it is on the ground, the wall or another vertical surface. These markers will point right to the evidence for photographic record. Perfect for marking cartridge casings, blood spatter, bullet holes and more. Heavy-duty PVC markers are yellow with a dry erase photo scale printed on front. Scale has a matte finish preventing photo glare. May be cleaned with alcohol. Copper-colored photo circle is specially designed to be the exact size of a penny for easy size comparison and reference. Also available in pack of 20 ScaleMarq Evidence Markers with 60 adhesive dots. Use adhesive dots to place markers on any non-flat, vertical and horizontal surface such as walls, ceilings and angled surfaces. The adhesive dots can also help prevent the markers from blowing away.
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  • HandScope LASER with Rugged Carrying Case

    The new HandScope LASER is the latest Forensic Light Source by SPEX Forensics. The unique design allows one-hand operation. The same hand holding the light source can change cycle through the four different wavelengths and three power settings using the LCD touch panel. No other Laser offers the same versatility. For scene processing, the removable lithium-ion battery provides up to 3 hours run time depending on the power setting. Displayed clearly on the LCD touchpad is the remaining battery life. The HandScope LASER battery can be recharged while in the unit and running or remove and charge in the battery conditioner. Hands-free operation in the Lab is easy when using the integrated tripod mount with the Micro USB and optional software driving the HandScope LASER through all functions. Pair the HandScope LASER with the Universal Imaging System – UIS for the ultimate evidence capture system.
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  • DiscoveryBox™, 20 pk

    Put Your Evidence on Display with DiscoveryBox Evidence Box Making your case in court is critical. Why not make an impression on the jury with the new DiscoveryBox™? Features a giant window behind the flap in the front for clear viewing. You can even call out points of interest, i.e., serial number, latent lifts lifted from here, blowback traces found here, DNA traces taken from here, etc. Peg-board bottom style provides easy anchor points for nylon zip-ties. DiscoveryBoxes come with pre-printed evidence documentation and chain of custody form. Dimensions: (Inside: 13″ x 8″ x 2″ Outside: 14″ x 8.4375″ x 2.375″) We definitely see the benefits of the DiscoveryBox…but do you? Please give us your thoughts or suggestions! Oversized Item
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  • Fingerprint Powder in the Ruff™

    Fingerprint Powder in the Ruff

    NO GIMMICK! Better, safer development.

    But it smells like cinnamon and vanilla! Are you kidding me? Years in the making, we developed the first natural-powder blend that will offer you better results…guaranteed…than your current conventional, industrial waste and chemicals latent print powder. But back to the question of why the scented powders. Conventional powder has no scent. None. If your latent print people are dusting at a crime scene and they get a whiff of something that smells a lot like grandma’s cookies or Christmas morning…they might want to tighten their dust or nuisance mask. Or maybe travel upwind of their powdering. Or possibly even use a bit less powder to begin with. We have all been there before. If you smell smoke, it is usually best to be more aware of your surroundings so they say. 9 out of 10 investigators say they have more than once blown their nose after processing a scene and seen fingerprint powder in their tissue. Generally, our darker colored Fingerprint Powder In The Ruffs are mixed with predominantly cinnamon blends. Lighter colored will be mixed with vanilla. Our patent covers many exotic powders, so you may detect odors of nutmeg, allspice, etc., as well. Multiple sizes available. Not for human consumption, although sometimes tempting. Wear your PPE as usual. *US Patent Pending. “Ruff” is what our mascot Tracker says. It’s got to be good!
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  • Crime Scene Chalk

    Crime Scene Chalk - Standard White Chalk is perfect for creating outlines and marking evidence and points of interest in daytime settings. Reflective Chalk creates reflective markings that are illuminated by photoflash or flashlight. Perfect for night-time photography, Reflective Chalk can be used for creating outlines and marking evidence and other important points of interest. Simply draw any marks and photograph normally. The chalk will reflect a bright white. Each stick of chalk is 1” diameter and 4” long.
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