• DiscoveryBox™, 20 pk

    Put Your Evidence on Display Making your case in court is critical. Why not make an impression on the jury with the new DiscoveryBox™? Features a giant window behind the flap in the front for clear viewing. You can even call out points of interest, i.e., latent lifts lifted from here, blowback traces found here, DNA traces taken from here, etc. Peg-board bottom style provides easy anchor points for nylon zip-ties. DiscoveryBoxes come with pre-printed evidence documentation and chain of custody form. We definitely see the benefits of the DiscoveryBox…but do you? Please give us your thoughts or suggestions!
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  • NeedleNabber

    NEW! Clear plastic front so you can see the needle inside and a safety tab on each end of one side. The ultimate safety device for collecting and storing of evidence. For sharps, biohazards, shell casings, or any other items of evidence where you want to preserve latent prints. We say safety first because of the possibility of needle sticks during the process of picking up, collecting, packaging or transporting used syringes. The financial cost alone in the event of a needle stick could cost tens, and maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars. DON’T RISK IT! Once safely contained, wrap the ends with evidence tape and mark as usual. Meant for one-time use. Don’t cross-contaminate scenes!
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  • Crime Scene Chalk

    Standard White Chalk is perfect for creating outlines and marking evidence and points of interest in daytime settings. Reflective Chalk creates reflective markings that are illuminated by photoflash or flashlight. Perfect for night-time photography, Reflective Chalk can be used for creating outlines and marking evidence and other important points of interest. Simply draw any marks and photograph normally. The chalk will reflect a bright white. Each stick of chalk is 1” diameter and 4” long.
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  • White Evidence Envelope 6″ x 9″

    This White Evidence Envelope comes with a seal plus fully outlined documentation and chain of custody area on the front. 100/pk
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  • 110% Law Enforcement T-Shirt

    You're 110% Law Enforcement and proud of it. Show your pride with our newest t-shirt.
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  • Backing Bunker™

    Finally, a problem solved for every Latent Print Officer! Retired Lt./CSI Joe Siefferman had this problem…and admit it, you do too. His “fresh” Backing Cards were always getting dusty with fingerprint powder, and it was a hassle to pull out one backing card at a time, especially while wearing gloves. He developed and created a refillable “card shoe” similar to a card dealer in Vegas. Fits within a pocket, BDU cargo or in a kit. He likes to tap it slightly to bring a fresh, clean card to the surface every time. A real dispensing time saver!
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  • Fingerprint Powder in the Ruff™

    Superior development. Safer. More eco-friendly.

    Ancient, precious spices have been blended to develop the best prints possible. Spices like cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg and allspice to name a few. We have created a simple, honest, more natural fingerprint powder. Conventional powders are mostly made from industrial waste and chemicals. With superior development, Powder In The Ruff is safer for your technicians, easier on the environment and is now more affordable than conventional options. Some even tout the mystical health and well-being effects. One whiff and you may be tempted to sprinkle some on your ice cream. DON’T. Powder In The Ruff is not meant for human consumption. PPE should be worn as usual. Curious? Buy just one or a few colors. Smell the aromas. Think back on life’s simpler days. When things worked simply like they were supposed to. Satisfaction GUARANTEED! Additional colors and sizes available. Call for more information. *US Patent Pending. “Ruff” is what our mascot Tracker says. It’s got to be good!

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  • DualBlast™ Ventilator

    DualBlast™ Ventilator. “Get ‘em while it’s hot.” Wear it around your neck or aim it at your face while at your desk with unlimited positions. Powered with two fully-enclosed , quiet drone propellers that are operated from a powerful 3.7 volt Lithium rechargeable battery with micro adaptor. Three set speeds, low, medium and in-your-face-blasting. Reduce fatigue at the crime scene, or as a fan to create a wind barrier when wearing masks or face shields. Operates for up to 12 hours on a single charge. Or, get one FREE with any qualifying order of $250 or more. Use the coupon code DUALBLAST at checkout to have one automatically added to your cart. Limit one DualBlast wearable fan per order. Limit three free fans per customer. 95% of orders will qualify. Order today, and supplies are limited.
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  • SceneSweep

    SceneSweep™ ……A Cocaine wet-nap!

    Instantaneously identify cocaine and crack at a crime scene!* Similar to using a wet-nap after some Sludge and your favorite BBQ, SceneSweep is an officer’s best friend. Inexpensive too! Simply tear open the hermetically sealed pouch, remove the saturated cloth and wipe any suspect surface that may have small traces of cocaine. If your presumption is correct, the pad will instantly turn a bright blue color. So sensitive, it detects even down to almost microscopic amounts. Do not use on your face or skin like a wet-nap. *For presumptive identification purposes only. 40 per box, oversized pad may be used on many items in question. (Buy three or more, get a bottle of Sludge FREE!  Enter SWEEP in the coupon code box at checkout and the Sludge will automatically be added to your order for free.)
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  • NIK Fentanyl Test Pack

    NIK Fentanyl testing kit contains 5 boxes of tests to complete the testing sequence plus a box of neutralizer. NIK recommends a testing sequence for the presumptive detection of Fentanyl. The use of multiple tests helps eliminates the chance of erroneous presumptive identification of an unknown substance. Kit contains NIK tests A, B, I , K and W to complete the testing sequence. A box of neutralizer is also included. When testing unknown white powders officer safety is of the utmost importance.
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  • NIK CBD Quick Test

    With the evolution of cannabis-related laws, easy identification between the types of marijuana plants has become more important. To date, law enforcement officers have not been able distinguish between plants grown for hemp products and cannabidiol (CBD) production versus those with a high content of the psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) grown for recreational marijuana use. The CBD Quick Test developed in Switzerland. Is a colorimetric test capable of distinguishing between THC and CBD content in plant material. The CBD Quick Test can test to 1% THC/CBD content. Sold in a box of ten.
    • Testing limits to 1% detectable content
    • Produces results instantly with the quick colorimetric test
    • Color results are very distinguishable and produce no conflicts for visual determination of colors
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  • KN95 Masks – Pack of 5

    New shipment just in…$3.39 per mask! If you have been following the market of N95 and KN95 masks, you know they are very difficult to get, and often sold for $4.95 to $8 apiece and more. In fact, our retired guy from the US Army Crime Laboratory turned us on to a friend of his (American contact) who had KN95 masks at below the market price. That’s why we picked up a supply and sold truck loads at $4.50 each just last week. Worked so well, we bought a ton of them and can now sell them for…yes, $3.39 each. $3.39! These won’t last long. Priority goes to customers, but no minimums. No limits. Limited supply is in stock, and there is no guarantee that when these are gone that prices may go up. Sold just as before in packages of 5 masks per sealed plastic bag ($16.95 per bag.) They are available for immediate shipment. Further discounts in large quantity. *Usual PPE policy is in effect. All sales final.
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