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  • Phototable for Forensic Photography

    The phototable is developed by experts with long experience in forensic investigation and photography. It was developed limiting the amount of equipment, space and cost needed for forensic photography.Features:
    • 100cm x 65cm x 75cm (39.4” x 25.6” x 29.5”), total height including camera stand 180cm (70.9”)
    • Glassplate 50cm x 50cm (19.7” x 19.7”) for dark-field lighting
    • White opal board 50cm x 50cm (19.7” x 19.7”)
    • 2 x 100 Watt floodlight lamps (120 or 240 volt)
    • 2 x 50 Watt halogen spotlights with parabolic reflector light (12 Volt)
    • Lens tube with two different lenses for projection light (suitable for photographing shoeprints, fingerprints or indented writing with low oblique light)
    • Two lamp arms for quick mounting in a variety of positions
    • One lamp stand (floor model) for longer light distance
    $1800.00 + $150.00 additional shipping Please allow 4-6 weeks shipping.
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  • 360 CSD (Crime Scene Documentation) System

    WOW. The 360 CSD. Truly a copywriters nightmare. Too little space here to write about…too many neat features. But we’ll try.Imagine this: you set the robotic camera in seconds on a hi-tech tripod in the center of your complex crime scene. Press a button and the camera scans the entire room, capturing every detail with thousands of HD images (and each infinitely adjustable for crisp detail.)With the included laptop pre-loaded with software you then can “stitch” together the images to create a virtual view or “tour” of the entire crime scene. You can zoom in on tiny little details like shell casings and blood spatter or zoom out for a general view. Too light or too dark to pickup the detail you need? Adjust it with a button to adjust the exposure.Want a measurement? Click on two points and you have it. Mapping functions are a breeze.If you want a system that will capture a gnat’s behind…this one probably will do it. But you’ll have to see one of our webinars or personal demonstrations to believe it. After you buy the system though, we include 2 days of on-site training.For courtroom presentations or crime scene documentation and reconstruction, there simply isn’t a better option. Call for more information.
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  • Cloud Dome The Works Kit

    Made of high impact, non-yellowing, crack-resistant plastic, Cloud Dome evenly diffuses natural light over the surface area of the object being shot. High quality digital photographs can even be achieved in low lighting. Lightweight and easily portable, the Cloud Dome is outfitted with a camera mount to eliminate any stability problems. It’s the perfect accessory for any photographer of any skill level aiming to achieve the highest quality digital photographs.
    The 7”inch Extension Collar is helpful for photographing larger objects, as well as for cameras with focal distances greater than 8 inches. It provides more distance between the camera and the object being photographed, which allows larger objects to be placed under the dome.
    The Cloud Dome Angled Extension Collar provides the photographer a way to shoot objects at an angle and add more distance between the camera and the object being photographed.
    Cloud Dome Large Camera Pro “L” Bracket is designed for larger digital cameras and SLR cameras. Made of black anodized aluminum 62mm camera lens fit rings: 52mm and 42mm.
    Contents of kit:
    • Cloud Dome(w/ Smartphone Disc)
    • 7”inch Extension Collar
    • Angled Extension Collar
    • Pro-L Bracket
    • 4 Background Pads (3 White & 1 Black)
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  • Grab-N-Shoot CSI Strap

    Announcing the new Grab-N-Shoot CSI Strap! The most innovative camera strap ever to hit the CSI market. This patent pending piece of equipment is the original sling style camera strap. Offering unparalleled comfort and ease of access to your camera.Worn diagonally across your torso from shoulder to hip, the strap features a padded shoulder for extra comfort, and a removable holster strap. The patented locking ConnectR and solid stainless steel FastenR connects the Grab-N-Shoot CSI Strap to the tripod socket, located on either the camera body or the lens.Once connected, the camera hangs upside down, resting securely at your side so you can....Grab - Glide - Click
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  • Photo Documentation Kit

    Photo Documentation Kit is the ultimate photographer's kit!Comes complete in orange Gear Case with:
    • Yellow tent markers 1-50
    • Yellow arrow set
    • 6-inch vinyl rulers
    • L-Scale
    • 30' ft. metric tape
    • 60' ft. endless rule tape
    • 2-cm. photo scales
    • White 2" mini-ruler
    • 25' ft. tape measure
    • Sonin Laser Targeting Range Finder
    • 6"X4" photo ID card
    • Photo stickers
    • Evidence photo template
    • Photo flags
    • 2"X3" photo numbers
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  • Photo Light Box Basic

    The Photo Light Box is used for illuminating and photographing footprint securing foils.  A universal reproduction stand for forensic scientists, the Photo Light Box ensures optimum illumination of gelatine or transparent securing foils and is ideal for shadow-free oblique and transmitted light pictures.Photo Light Box includes:
    • Transmitted light illumination 2x13W, daylight
    • Glass insert 300x400 mm
    • 2 light guide connections with integrated illumination 15V/150W
    • 2 light regulators, 1 switch for transmitted light
    • Built-in daylight filter
    • 2 stand rods, height 400 mm
    • Fixing possibilities for additional light sources
    • Guide column 1.0 m with height adjustment and hand crank, division in cm and inch
    • Stable camera carrier for full-size exposure with X/Y movement, up to A3 format
    Lead time is 8-10 weeks. 12 Month Warranty.
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  • Camera Tripod

    Use the sturdy camera tripod for more versatility.
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  • Wristpod

    Handling a film or digital camera at a crime scene can be a tricky task. Examining evidence, performing tests and doing paperwork can keep your hands full, making it frustrating when you are also trying to photograph the scene.Here comes the Wristpod to the rescue!The Wristpod is a neoprene wrist strap with an attached universal tripod mount. Simply strap the Wristpod to your wrist (works for both left and right handed photographers) and attach the male base shoe to the base of your camera. Then clip it to the Wristpod and you have a hands-free camera! Now you can photograph a scene hands-free!The Wristpod will eliminate the need for annoying neck straps, flimsy wrist lanyards or the danger of leaving your camera unattended, where it could be lost or stolen. Now you have the freedom to quickly take photos when needed, while you still have two hands to help move objects or assist others at the scene. All the while, your camera will be securely attached to your wrist, just a simple click away from a quick photo!The Wristpod works great for point-and-shoot digital cameras, as well as larger SLR crime scene cameras. You can even use small-to-mid range video cameras! The Wristod comes with integrated bubble level to ensure your photos will be level and even on every shot.
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  • Shutter Hat Camera Cover

    Keep your film or digital camera dry in drizzle or snow with the Shutter Hat Camera Cover! This compact and lightweight invention features a waterproof fabric that will protect your camera, while granting you full access to your camera's controls.The Shutter Hat fits lenses up to 8 in length and comes with an attached side-pocket with three compartments, perfect for your camera accessories. Integrated slots for the camera strap are perfect for handheld shooting, while a built-in window can be opened for flash or viewfinder use. Includes carrying bag with clip
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