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  • BattleLite Forensic Lights

    Originally designed with the demands of Battlefield Forensics in mind, the BattleLites are the perfect tool for site exploitation and evidence collection. Each rugged 3-watt forensic light has many features, including a blinding single LED capacity, a hi-lo power switch (for battery conservation) and thumb (on-off) switch. Shock, dust and moisture resistant. All light heads are interchangeable (and other colors (wavelengths) are available on special request.) The 455nm (blue) light is used for illuminating a range of items including various body fluids, fluorescent powder, trace, bone fragments, some narcotics, etc. The 505nm (green) light is used for illuminating all of the above as well as some use it for illuminating and following blood trails. The pure white light is used as a super-intense flashlight to aid in the search for all evidence, areas of interest, etc. Pair with orange viewing goggles (for use with the 455 and 505 lights), a diffuser lens (to scatter the light beams where desired) and a durable zippered pouch complete with molle straps. The orange viewing goggles, diffuser lens and zippered pouch are included in many of these kits. View all options in the drop down box and choose which kit meets your individual needs.
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    • CrimeScope CS-16-500W

      The CS-16-500W was designed for those departments that prefer the power and IR capabilites of 500W Xenon lamps. Designed for the lab to cover every application of a forensic light source but versatile and rugged enough to be taken to the crime scene, the CS-16-500W provides output in the UV and VIS and is available with optional IR. It is continuously tunable allowing for complete coverage of the spectrum. The life time of the lamp is 1500 hours.
      Contents of kit:
      • AUTOMATED 15 position filter wheel controlled with up-down push buttons on front panel with continuous wavelength fine tune knob.
      • 15 filters mounted on wheel: UV(300-400), 415, 445, 455, 475, 495, CSS, 515, 535, 555, SP575, 600, 630, 670, and white light.
      • 10mm diameter 2 meter long liquid light guide for UV-visible light.
      • Infrared Port is LP500. Upgradable in the field with Part Number 37870, listed below.
      • Set of five goggles: (1)UV protective,(1) yellow, (2) orange and (1) red.
      • Set of Four 62mm diameter camera filters with ring adapters: (2) orange longpass, (2) red longpass.
      • Remote heavy duty flexible arm to hold liquid light guide with 2 special superclamps. Compatible with camera tripods, table top or table leg. Allows for Photography and two handed processing of evidence.
      • Manual on care and use of unit, covering all applications.
      • CS-REMOTE - Remote wavelength selector at WORKING END of light guide. Allows user continuous wavelength selection using the same hand holding the light guide, freeing the other hand to dust or collect evidence.
      *A 12 filter version is also available, please contact us for specifications and details.
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    • Mini-CrimeScope Advance

      The Next Generation of the premiere crime scene forensic light source. Brighter, Smaller, Lighter, the Mini-CrimeScope Advance represents the latest in bulb based Forensic Light Source Technology. The Mini-CrimeScope Advance is the most versatile forensic light source with 8 wavelengths standard, upgradable to 15, in either case all within a single handheld filter wheel mounted at the working end of the liquid light guide, providing even greater ease of use than the original Mini-CrimeScope.
      Contents of kit:
      • MCS-ADV-8F with an 8 position interchangeable thumbwheel containing these wavelengths: UV, 415, 455, CSS, 515, 535, 555, WHITE
      • 1 remote interchangeable thumbwheel (patented) with built in collimator.
      • Rugged portable main unit with fold down handle and front control panel with intensity adjustment knob
      • 10mm active diameter Liquid Light Guide (6 feet long) with dual armor plate
      • 4 pairs of goggles: 1 UV protection, 1 yellow, 1 orange, 1 red
      • Carry Case
      *A 15 filter version is also available, please contact us for specifications and details.

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    • MicroBlue II Alternate Light Source

      The MicroBlue has been the standard “poor man’s” Forensic Light Source for nearly 15 years. (For less than $40, you couldn’t go wrong.) We are now rolling out with the MicroBlue II…a 3X more powerful light…same size, same AAAA batteries (included)…and an increase in use range of 30” or more…up from about 3”! The blue light is 465 nm. With the increase in range alone you should be able to quickly scan for bodily fluids, fluorescent fingerprints and other trace in a fraction of the time. Plus…you have the option to convert your forensic blue range to a UV and a white light by simply screwing in the optional LED screw-on adapters…simply genius!
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      • UltraLite ALS One

        One Unit, One Head - Every Light You Need

        Change colors with the push of a button. UV (405nm), BMT (450nm) and Green (525nm) in one head. Detect 99.5% of all trace evidence with one unit. Never worry about batteries with our internal lithium-ion battery. The perfect blend of power and convenience for only $499. Features & Benefits
        • Tripod mount on top of handle.
        • Low Battery Indicator illuminates when the battery power is low.
        • Power Level Indicator.
        • Blue-Merge Technology (BMT™).
        • Powered by a 90-240 VAC input or by a 12 VDC Vehicle Power Adapter.
        • The LEDs on the UltraLite ALS do not have delicate filaments and are not jar sensitive.
        • The expected lifetime of these LEDs is 50,000+ hours.
        • Solid State Light Producing Semiconductors (LPS).
        • 5000+ hours continuous at maximum power.
        • Wavelength is selectable with switch.
        • Construction of the heads and handle are made of aluminum / magnesium alloy.
        • Dead batteries can be charged in 3 hours.
        • 90 minutes continuous use at maximum power output.
        • Carrying case is lined with die cut foam to provide the ultimate protection.
        • The UltraLite ALS size, weight and ergonomic design make it the easiest and most comfortable to use forensic light system in the world.
        *Minimum 6-8 week lead time
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      • UltraLite ALS Basic Peavey Turbo Kit & Peavey Plus Turbo Kit

        UltraLite ALS Basic Peavey Turbo Kit is the most powerful, solid-state forensic alternate light source. Features an intensity range of 500 mWs to an astounding 2000 mWs of power. Its lightweight, compact design (weighing approximately 300 grams) is especially beneficial for processing stairways, ceilings, or the inside of a vehicle. Features Blue-Merge Technology (BMT) which is the merging of forensic wavelengths to optimize viewing ranges. By producing the perfect blend, you'll only need to go over the crime scene once to gather nearly 100% of your evidence work. Dominant output 450 nm. Comes complete with:
        • Light unit - BMT Turbo Head & Handle
        • Two rechargeable lithium batteries
        • ALS power pack
        • Universal A/C input power cord
        • Goggles with pouch
        • Twin-battery charger
        Both UltraLite ALS Peavey Plus Turbo Kits come with the above features with the added bonuses of a UV Magnum Head and yellow goggles for viewing.
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        • UltraLite ALS Complete Turbo Kit & Ultra Turbo Kit

          This "complete" kit took the #20076 UltraLite Alternative Light Source Kit and included all the extras! In this kit you get:
          • One UltraLite Case w/ Custom Foam Insert
          • 100-240 VAC Power Supply
          • 12 VDC Power Supply (Vehicle)
          • Electrical Cord (20')
          • Battery Charger
          • 3 Battery Packs
          • Power Pack
          • UltraLight Handle
          • Turbo BMT Head 450nm - 2000mW
          • Turbo UV Magnum Head 400nm - 650mW
          • Turbo Green Head 525nm - 730mW / 150 lumens
          • Turbo Red Head 630nm - 1250mW / 160 lumens
          • Turbo Yellow Head 590nm - 400mW / 160 lumens
          • Amber Glasses w/ Pouch
          • Red Glasses w/ Pouch
          • Yellow Glasses w/ Pouch
          • Operators Manual
          A lightweight, compact, solid-state forensic alternate light source featuring an intensity range of 400 mW's to an astounding 1000 mW's of power. Features Blue-Merge Technology (BMT) which is the merging of forensic wavelengths to optimize viewing ranges. By producing the perfect blend, you'll only need to go over the crime scene once to gather nearly 100% of your evidence work. The new Ultra Turbo Kit includes everything the complete kit offers plus a "White Turbo Head - Full spectrum 6500 Kelvin (400-750nm) - 1250mW / 870 lumens".
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          • UV LED Black Light Source

            This compact UV LED Black Light Source 3.7" (l) x 1.19" (w) unit will fit in most pockets and kits. 12 UV LED bright bulbs fluoresce at distances over 20 feet with a wave output 385 nanometers. Easy toggle on-off switch allows for continuous use. Operates on three AAA batteries (not included). Weight 2.5 oz. Perfect for activation of florescent inks/dyes and scanning a crime scene for foreign materials.
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          • Fit-Over-Frame Goggles

            The Fit-Over-Frame Goggle is a comfortable, lightweight, and durable black rubberized nylon frame that is designed to fit over prescription eyewear. These glasses will fit over almost any style of glasses with comfort.
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