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  • Fit-Over-Frame Goggles

    The Fit-Over-Frame Goggle is a comfortable, lightweight, and durable black rubberized nylon frame that is designed to fit over prescription eyewear. These glasses will fit over almost any style of glasses with comfort.
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    • Wraparound Goggles

      There are always times the position of the shield to light is not what you need so we offer Wraparound Goggles that allow you to use the Alternate Light Sources in any position.
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      • Viewing Plate

        This new product is ideal for viewing latent prints or other types of evidence fluorescing. This 8"X8" plate is large enough to accommodate a broader viewing area, yet small enough to easily store away. Also available in yellow and red.
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        • High Intensity UV Lamp

          This 100-watt UV Lamp rated at 5000 hours features Cool-Touch plastic, heat resistant housing, pistol-grip handle and a special bulb protector. The lamp head can rotate 360 degrees when attached to the base for hands-free operation. Includes 8 ft. primary and secondary cords. Add in our funnel lamp accessory (#06460) for an even more intense beam of light.
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          • PAGLab MSA810

            The PAGLab MSA810 is ideal for trace evidence investigation, verification and documentation. The MSA-810 light source is designed to be operated in the laboratory and completes the SL-450 and CSL-700 models. Equipped with remote control (motorized filters, light intensity and shutter control), it is ideal for trace evidence investigation, verification and documentation. PAGLab MSA810 Technical Specs: Illumination
            • 120 Watt multispectral light source
            • reach: 320nm-720nm
            • 10 illumination filter bands
            • Detachable remote control with illuminated LCD display
            • motorized filter changer through remote
            • liquid light guide
            • 15° quartz condenser
            • 30° quartz condenser
            • Oblique lighting shape converter
            Power Source
            • AC powered, 90V-240V
            Lead time is 8-10 weeks. 12 Month Warranty.

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          • Battery Powered Ultraviolet Hand Lamp

            When using our fluorescent powders (magnetic or regular), ultraviolet light sources really make the difference! Our Battery Powered Ultraviolet Hand Lamps feature long wave light intensity at 365 nanometers which should be ideal for scanning a wide variety of physical evidence. Battery and charger are not included.
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            • Compact UV Lamp

              Compact UV Lamp (4 watt lamp) fits comfortably in the hand.
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              • Detection Powder 1 oz.

                New & Improved! Apply a thin dusting of the non-staining detection powder to the surface of the baited object and it will transfer to anyone who touches it, fluorescing brightly when illuminated with the Blue Light Special.
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              • EL Series 6 Watt UV Lamp

                EL Series 6 Watt UV Lamp is manufactured with a durable, extruded-design metal housing and scratch-resistant powder paint. Specifically designed to go with the #20060 Lamp Stand. LW=365 nanometers. SW= 254 nanometers.
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