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  • UV Lampstands

    UV Lampstand 20061 is designed to be used with our UV AC Hand Lamp #05430. UV Lampstand 20060 is designed to be used with the EL Series 6 Watt Lamp #05429.
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    • UV Spectacles, Goggles and Face Shield

      Eye and face protection are essential when working with short and long-wave UV sources. The Spectacles (20062) are made of high-impact resistant polycarbonate. Our Goggles (05432) provide the best contrast control available to remove the blue-haze from long-wave UV sources. The Face Shield (09563) offers the most coverage with the face and neck fully protected, and features a flip-up shield for extended wear.
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      • Miscellaneous Batteries

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        • BattleLite Blue Forensic Alternate Light Source (ALS)

          When we came up with the first "Alternate Light Source" for forensic use, we made some pretty bold claims. The same holds true here. Our BattleLite was created with punishing environments and unheard of capabilities in mind. Governments worldwide use our BattleLite in the fight on terrorism and now we have permission to exclusively offer it to law enforcement. The 3-watt light is set at 455nm, and with the orange goggles will easily illuminate body fluids, trace, and fluorescent powdered fingerprints in all lighting conditions. Tactical in size at less than 5 1/4" long and comes with a hi-lo switch and diffuser lens (to use if desired). There are less expensive similar forensic lights out there. Test one for yourself - ours has at least 2-3 times the output, more variable control and features military-grade rugged construction. Dust, shock and weather resistant. We guarantee that it will prove to be the most powerful, most versatile, and most effective tool in your arsenal. The BattleLite Kit (includes the turbo-charged 455nm light source, diffuser lens, goggles, 2 back-up lithium batteries and tactical carrying case.) LIMITED TIME OFFER: Order a kit today, and we'll include an extra blinding 3-watt white light head that can be interchanged for the blue light.
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