Crime Scene Shields

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  • Crime Scene Privacy Shield

    Ideal way to protect evidence in the crime scene and to block out the public. Each module of the screen measures 3' x 6' and can be arranged anyway that works best for the incident. Set includes three modules and a handy carry bag.
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  • SRN Barrier Systems

    Honest honey…that’s not my golf bag! Envelope the critical parts of a crime scene from the media or rubbernecking bystanders. This is clearly the last barrier you’ll ever have to buy (unless of course you need to buy one for every unit!) Easy to set up…one person can start blocking views in as little as a minute and a half. (A wind and weather resistant barrier 6 ½’ X 12’ can be fully deployed by one person in a little over 4 minutes.) Every…no we really mean every detail has been thought of…down to the magnetic flaps, zippered ballast bags, bungee support straps, reflective striping and colorful beacons. Add sections as needed.
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    • Crime Scene Privacy Shield

      Protect the integrity of a crime scene from the curious eyes of onlookers and the prying eyes of the media with the portable, easy-to-setup crime scene privacy shield. The shield can be easily taken down and stored in the trunk of your car or squad vehicle. Once needed, it can quickly be set-up to its full dimensions of 120" across x 46" height. The lightweight and rugged design will ensure you have plenty of room to work and examine a body or crime scene while keeping the curious away. Weight: 14 lbs. Stored Dimensions: 47"L x 9"H x 6"W Deployed Dimensions: 120" Diameter x 46"H
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    • Body Shield

      Get added safety, security, and privacy with our Body Shield. Made of blue, heavy-duty fabric, with aluminum poles that will stand up to even the most unpleasant weather conditions. Unlike its predecessors, no assembly is required. It is 102" in diameter X 48" in height which makes it large enough to work, but compact and portable enough to fit into your vehicle. The storage size is 35" L X 9" W X 25" H, with a 48 lb transport bag included. Due to the weight of the item, additional shipping charges will apply. Allow 6 weeks for delivery. Call for pricing including shipping.
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