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  • DNA-Free Cotton Swab

    This DNA-Free Swab is used in crime scene investigation, buccal cell collection and specimen collection.  The swab has been tested to be DNA-Free. It has an absorbent cotton tip and a 6" sturdy wooden handle. 100 individually-wrapped swabs per box.  Medical Device-Lot Tracked Items - Non-Returnable
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  • Sterile Blue Disposable Tweezers

    These Sterile Blue Disposable Tweezers are as sterile as they come! They are light blue in color and have flat, pointed tips. They come individually packaged to ensure they are each sterile 12/pk
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  • Miscellaneous Batteries

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    • Latent Lifters/Trace Evidence Lifters

      These lifters can be used for collecting latent finger and palm prints, footprint residue and trace evidence found at crime scenes. Simply peel off the inside liner and place adhesive down. After lifting, affix backing sheet to evidence lifted.
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      • Disposable Poncho

        Crime scenes don't always happen on those blue sky days. Protect yourself from the rain with our one-size-fits-all Disposable Poncho. This lightweight, polyethylene jacket features an adjustable hood drawstring to ensure extra protection. For all you environmentalists out there, you'll be pleased to know that our poncho is reusable and recyclable.
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