Battlefield Forensics

Battlefield Forensic products were specifically designed with our Military personnel in mind. They can be used at all levels of command. Such as the individual, squad, platoon, etc… Make sure you visit the other product categories for a complete listing of our innovative crime scene products. Look for many other items listed under GS-07F-0336T on the GSAAdvantage ebuy system.

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  • BattleLite Forensic Lights

    Originally designed with the demands of Battlefield Forensics in mind, the BattleLites are the perfect tool for site exploitation and evidence collection. Each rugged 3-watt forensic light has many features, including a blinding single LED capacity, a hi-lo power switch (for battery conservation) and thumb (on-off) switch. Shock, dust and moisture resistant. All light heads are interchangeable (and other colors (wavelengths) are available on special request.) The 455nm (blue) light is used for illuminating a range of items including various body fluids, fluorescent powder, trace, bone fragments, some narcotics, etc. The 505nm (green) light is used for illuminating all of the above as well as some use it for illuminating and following blood trails. The pure white light is used as a super-intense flashlight to aid in the search for all evidence, areas of interest, etc. Pair with orange viewing goggles (for use with the 455 and 505 lights), a diffuser lens (to scatter the light beams where desired) and a durable zippered pouch complete with molle straps. The orange viewing goggles, diffuser lens and zippered pouch are included in many of these kits. View all options in the drop down box and choose which kit meets your individual needs.
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    • Compact Battlefield Forensic Kit

      This is the ultimate Grab and Go kit. It is a Drop-Leg Modular panel, and when attached to leg rigs it allows for easy access to all of the forensics tools you’ll need for crime scene collection and photography. Kit even includes a Megapixel Digital Camera with 10x Optical Zoom. Contents of Kit: 1-ACU Camo Pack w/Insert 1-Digital Camera 4X Optical Zoom 12 MegaPixel 1-2GB SanDisk Memory Cards for camera 2-Rechargeable Batteries for camera 2-30 gal black trash bags - heavy duty 4-Evidence Bags - Tamper Evident Seal SNG, 9 x 12 4-Zipr-Top Bags, 8 x 8 2-#4 Kraft Bags 10-Glassine Envelopes, 2 3/4” x 2 3/4” 3-Coin Envelopes, 2.25 x 3.5 10 ea.-Backing Cards, 3 x 5 (Black & White) 1-Padded Notebook w/ quadrille Graph Paper 5-Tie-On Tags 1-Double jar -Jar will contain mag/reg powder 1-Clear Lifting Tape,11/2” 5-Sterile Swab 2/pk 10-FTA Micro Card 1-5 yds Duct Tape 1-Gray Photo Scale 6” Vinyl 1-Magnifier w/light small credit card size 10-White 31/2” Ruler 1-Mini-Sharpie Black 1-4” Carpenters Pencil 1-#2 Pencil - 4” long w/eraser 1-3’ paper tape measure 1-Sterile Water 3mil 1-#10 Retractable Knife 2-Plastic Disposable Tweezers 1-Tex Mag Applicator 1-Short Fiber Duster w/Tube 1 pr.-Powder Free Latex Gloves - LG Medical Device-Lot Tracked Items - Non-Returnable
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      • DNA Tactical Envelope 100pk

        These small self-sealing paper envelopes are ideal for packaging swabs, cuticle sticks, or other trace biological samples such as hair or cigarette butts. Each envelope features an easy self sealing adhesive flap. The DNA Material Envelopes are imprinted with military specific information. 3 1/2" x 6 1/2" 100pk
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      • FLETC-BLM Kit

        Developed with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center specifically for National Park Services-Bureau of Land Management. Designed for daily use in a wilderness environment. This small compact satchel-style backpack includes components ranging from crime scene tape, casting stone, compass, and other standard evidence collection supplies. Contents of Kit: 1-Satchel Backpack Fingerprint Processing - BOX A 1-Plastic Disp containers for items 1-2oz Dual Use Powder 1-1oz Dual Use magnetic Powder 1-Fiber Duster 1-Tex Magnetic Applicator 1-1.5" Lift Tape 1-3x5 White backing cards, 50/pk 3-Black Lid 3-Clear Jar Trace/Bio Kit - BOX B 20-Swab Boxes 10-Sterile Cotton Swabs 2/pk 2-Grey Top Tube 5-Sterile Water 3 ml Ampoule 1-Pipette Clear 6" 1mil 4-Non Sterile Disp Tweezers Misc Kit - BOX C 1-UV LED Blk light 3-Batteries for light AAA 2-Grey Vinyl Ruler 6" 1-Directional Compass 1-Black Sharpie Marker 1-Disposable photo markers, 1-50 1-Super Glue 1 oz Loose Items 1-3# Casting Stone 5-4x6 4mil Zipr top bag 5-9x12 4mil Zipr top bag 5-7x4x14" Kraft Bag 2-12x7x17" Kraft Bag 1-Red Evidence Tape 1-Crime Scene barrier tape

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      • Sensitive Site Exploitation Kit

        Developed with “Special Ops” in mind with Cameras, Metal Detectors and a BattleLite ALS among other standard crime scene supplies. This kit includes a Grab-n-Go pack for quick evidence collection and a duffel backpack combo to house the replenishing supplies. Contents of kit: Back Pack 1-Condor 3 day Assault - Back Pack 2-Digital Camera 4X Zoom 12 Megapix 2-San Disk 16G memory Card Duffel Bag 1-Heavy Duty Duffel Bag 1-2 oz Black Fluor Pwdr 1-1 oz Black Fluor Magnetic Pwdr 2-Fiberglass Fingerprint Brush 1-Regular Magnetic Applicator 2-2” Clear Fingerprint Lifting Tape 2-Latent Print White Backing Cards 3” x 5”, 50/pk 1-White 6” Photographic Scales 10/pk 1-White 2cm Adhesive Photographic Scales roll/150 1-FBI/CJIS Arrest and Institution Fingerprint Cards - 100/pk CRIMINAL 1-FBI/CJIS Palm Print Cards - 100/pk 2-Postmortem Fingerprint Strips 100/pk ( 50 each Left & Right) 1-Postmortem Fingerprint Metal Spoon 50-SNG Bag 9” x 12” 50-SNG Bag 12” x 16” 4-Black Magic Ceramic Ink Pad - Sm Retg 1-X-Large Black Nitrile Gloves 100/bx 2-Metal-Tec HS-1500 Metal Detector (w/ battery and car mount kit) - High Sensitivity 4-Peel-n-Lifts 2” x 2”, 24/pk 8-Peel-n-Lifts 2” x 4”, 12/pk 1-Flap Lifters 2” x 2”, White 24/pk 1-Flap Lifters 2” x 4”, White 12/pk 1-Flap Lifters 2” x 2”, Black 24/pk 1-Flap Lifters 2” x 4”, Black 12/pk 1-Pocket Pad 2” x 6”, 25 Strips/pad Clear 1-Sharpie Black - Retractable 50-Sterile Water Ampules 3 mil 100-Integriswab 100-SNG Bag 4”x 6” 1-Vial Kit, Clr w/cap 100/pk 25-Disposable Plastic Pipettes 3mil 2-Disposable Plastic Spatulas - Small Black Tactical Pouch “BattleLite” 1-Battlelite ALS Tactical Forensic Light Source (455nm, 505nm and white lights; Utility Pouch, Goggles and CR123 batteries) Black Tactical Pouch 1-Tactical Black Deployment Pouch 1-2 oz Black Fluor Pwdr 1-1 oz Black Fluor Magnetic Pwdr 2-Fiberglass Fingerprint Brush 1-Regular Magnetic Applicator 1-2” Clear Fingerprint Lifting Tape 1-Latent Printed Backing Cards White 3” x 5”, 50/pk 1-White 6” Photographic Scale 1-White 2cm Adhesive Photographic Scales roll/150 5-FBI/CJIS Arrest and Institution Fingerprint Cards CRIMINAL 5 ea.-Postmortem Fingerprint Strips - Left & Right 1-Postmortem Fingerprint Metal Spoon 3-SNG Bag 9” x 12” 2-SNG Bag 12” x 16” 2-Black Magic Ceramic Ink Pad - Sm Retg 1-Black Magic Ceramic Ink Pad - Lg Retg 3 pr-X-Large Black Nitrile Gloves 6-Sterile Water Ampules 3 mil 6-Integriswab 12-SNG Bag 4” x 6” 1-16’ Metal Measuring Tape 5-Disposable Tweezers Call for Pricing
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      • Squad Back Pack Kit

        The Squad Back Pack Kit is a large load capacity Assault Pack. Includes all of the forensics tools needed to develop, lift, ID, view, record and more from any battlefield crime scene. Also offered TAA Compliant. Contents of kit: 2 –Condor Assault Bag 20–#25 8x5x18 Kraft Bag w/Chain of Custody 10–#1/6 12x7x17 Kraft Bag w/Chain of Custody 10–6x8 4mil Ziptop bag 20–9x12 4mil Zip top bag 10–12x15 4mil Zip Top bag 1–Portable Fingerprint holder 1–Round Black Magic Pad, 2” 1–Integriswab Kit (20ct) 1–White Chalk 1–9x12 Clipboard 10–Evidence Collection Jars 4 oz 20–N95 Mask - 2 Micron Disposable 1–Cotton Gloves, 12 pr/pk 1–LG 14mil PowderFree Latex Gloves, 50/bx 1–LG 6mil PowderFree Latex Gloves, 100/pk 1–Pre-Print Towelettes, 100/pk 1–Digital Camera - 4X Zoom w/ Memory Card 4–Fine Pt Blk Marker 4–Extra Fine Blk Marker 6–Felt tip Black Marker 1 set–1-15 Yellow Tent Markers 3” 1–All Purpose Tool 3–8 1/2” x 11” Grid Sketch Pad - Graph Paper 2–L Scale Reversible Ruler 300mm x 150mm 1–7x7 Blk Gel Lifters, 5/pk 1–14x5 White Gel Lifters, 2/pk 2–Zipr-Weld Red w/ White Stripe Evidence Tape, 13/8” x 108’ 1–100 ft Steel Measure tape 1–50 ft Steel Measure tape 1 ea.–2oz Powder (Super Black, White, Red) 1 ea.–2oz Fluorescent Powder (Red, Orange) 1 ea.–1oz Fluorescent Magnetic Powder (Black, Red) 1–1oz White Magnetic powder 2–Feather Dusters 7” 3–Fiber Dusters 7” 1–Spring Loaded Magnetic Applicator 1–11/2” Clear Lift Tape - bagged roll 1– 11/2” Poly Lift Tape - bagged roll 1– 11/2” Diff Lift w/Jar 5–White 6” Vinyl Rulers 1–2cm Adh ruler Blk, 150/roll 1–2cm Adh ruler White ,150/roll 1–2x4 White Flap Lifters, 12/pk 1–2x4 Black Flap Lifter, 12/pk 1–2x4 Clear Flap Lifter, 12/pk 10–LG Powdered Latex Gloves 10–Ink remover towelettes 1–Black Scale Lift Backing Cards, 100/pk 1–White Scale Lift Backing Cards, 100/pk 3–Hot Shot 3–13x18 Fuminator Bag 1–2X Dome magnifier 1–MicroBlue II 1–Scissors 5” 1–Fingerprint Elimination Cards, 50/pk
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        • War Fighter Combat Forensic Kit

          A more compact version of the RSE Kit (#06079); this kit was developed for in theatre military personnel. Included in the kit is a rip-away pouch loaded with supplies and a heavy-duty duffel housing a complete set of replenishment supplies. Materials for latent fingerprint collection, evidence collection, DNA collection and inked fingerprint collection are also included.
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        • Explosives Ordnance Kit

          The Explosives Ordnance Kit is specially designed with the EOD division at Fort Lewis and used by the Army to collect debris evidence from an “explosives” crime scene. Includes everything from evidence collection bags to gloves.
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          • Evidence Collecting/ID Kit

            The Evidence Collecting/ID kit is the perfect kit for crime scene search officers. Everything you need for locating, collecting, marking and preserving all forms of physical evidence. This kit comes in a convenient soft sided pouch for easy carrying.
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