Blood Detection & Testing

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  • BLUESTAR Forensic Kit

    The BLUESTAR® FORENSIC KIT provides the crime scene investigator with a complete tool to ascertain the presence of blood, or its possible absence. Ready-to-use: just add the three white tablets to the bottle to obtain a single-use mixture. Sealed by a safety band WILL NOT ALTER DNA! Kit contents: Hermetically sealed bottle with 500 ml (16 oz) reagent, with safety band 3 catalyst tablets 1 fine mist atomizer
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  • BLUESTAR Forensic

    The BLUESTAR FORENSIC MINI KIT (15083) is meant primarily for police searching small areas or objects for a quick verification when suspecting a crime has happened. Instantly ready: just add a pair of tablets to one of the spray bottles of distilled water. The MINI KIT is much more practical for quick or limited investigations before the intervention of crime scene specialists. The MINI KIT provides two bottles for two independent investigations. WILL NOT ALTER DNA! Each 4 application box of BLUESTAR Tablets (15080) provides the investigator with the possibility to prepare 4 times 125 ml (4 oz) of BLUESTAR FORENSIC working solution or 500 ml (16 oz) at once. WILL NOT ALTER DNA! Each 8 application box of BLUESTAR Tablets (15086) provides the investigator with the possibility to prepare 8 times 125 ml (4 oz) of BLUESTAR FORENSIC working solution or up to 1L (32 oz) if all tablets are used together. WILL NOT ALTER DNA! BLUESTAR Forensic Training Solution is available in 4pk (15085) or 8pk (15084) and is intended only for training purposes. It has the same packaging and amount of tablets that the BLUESTAR Tablets do but it is cheaper so as to cut back training expenses. It will react in the same way as regular BLUESTAR Tablets do, except for DNA analysis since the "TRAINING" version destroys DNA. Therefore, it is a great product for training crime scene technicians but is definitely not usable for real investigations.
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    • BLUESTAR Forensic Magnum

      BLUESTAR® FORENSIC MAGNUM, 3 times more powerful than the regular BLUESTAR® FORENSIC, has been especially formulated for the critical cases when minute blood particles are searched for (microscopic droplets that have been projected onto an aggressor's clothing for instance). Such droplets, invisible to the naked eye, and even under a magnifier, are sometimes the only evidence available to confound a murderer. With the MAGNUM version, their discovery is easier thanks to the increased sensitivity and intensity of the luminescence. The MAGNUM is also very useful when searching for blood on washed garments (or other objects). Its higher sensitivity helps to make blood stains stand out. WILL NOT ALTER DNA! Package contents: Bottle containing 125 ml (4 oz) of chemiluminescent solution 1 foil packet containing 3 tablets of oxidizer.
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    • Synthetic Blood

      Eliminates the possibility of pathogens originating from the use of human blood and nonhuman blood in the classroom. Synthetic blood mimics gross chemical composition and appearance of blood, and will give positive reactions to the common chemical tests for blood such as Blood Stain Green, Luminol, hemoglobin crystal tests such as Takyama, and protein enhancement techniques. Not suitable for blood spatter simulation.
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    • QuickCheck Bloodstain Green

      Our QuickCheck line of products has been so successful, we've expanded the line to encompass a blood detection kit as well! This kit contains 10 individual bloodstain tests that can immediately tell you whether or not a substance is blood. Simply moisten a sterile swab with distilled water and rub it across the suspected stain. Break both ampoules, agitate to mix, then drop one or two drops on your swab with the provided applicator. If the sample is blood, the swab will instantly turn a bright blue/green. Each kit includes a QuickCheck sleeve, swab and disposal bag. The recommended “use-by” date on this product is 3-6 months. In some cases the tests may last longer, depending on the storage conditions. When the product color has changed in the ampoules to a green tint, the test should no longer be used.
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    • Hexagon OBTI

      Hexagon OBTI is simple to use with results in less than three minutes. Human hemoglobin (hHb) reacts with the conjugate composed of blue particles and monoclonal anti-human hemoglobin antibodies. This screening test rapidly verifies if a bloodstain is human blood. Hexagon OBTI contains a two-part test: a collection tube for the blood sample and a test bar. Directions A sample of the presumed human blood trace is transferred into the tube with transport medium. With the lid screwed back on, shake the sample gently inside the transport medium. This mixture is added, drop by drop, to the test in the sample well (S) at the lower end of the test. A positive sample is typically detected within 2-3 minutes. Negative results should be confirmed after 10 minutes.
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      • Luminol Reagent

        Designed to provide all essential materials required for the chemiluminescent Luminol method. Useful in searching large areas for traces of blood. Each kit contains a spray bottle, measured amount of liquid reagent, pre-weighed vial of Luminol powder, and complete instructions. These items are not eligible for return.
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        • Nite-Site Kit Luminol

          Our Nite-Site Kit (Luminol) develops traces of blood at a crime scene suspected to have been cleaned up. You spray it on and microscopic amounts of blood tracings will become a fluorescent blue for approximately 30 seconds. Used only in complete darkness as a last resort. Does not include distilled water.
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          • Phenolphthalein Presumptive Blood Test

            Phenolphthalein is one of the most commonly used chemicals in the field and laboratory to indicate the presence of blood. Our pre-packaged kit contains all the reagents to conduct a presumptive blood test. This simple 4 step test is easy to use and is housed in a small plastic cup. An immediate pink color on the end of the swab indicates a presumptive positive for blood. 60 tests per kit. *(h) - Additional hazardous shipping fee applies, call for details. These items are not eligible for return.
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