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  • UV-Box with UVC Radiation

    The UV-Box is a benchtop chamber that has the evidence and the user in mind. This chamber is safe for decontaminating evidence. This chamber is equipped with high-efficiency UV lamps that are positioned within the cabinet to produce short wavelength UV light at 254nm to destroy exposed surface DNA and bacteria, leaving the evidence free of contamination. Operator safety is assured by a UV absorbing door window and other interlocking safety features. This chamber features a UV timer, hanging rod, interior shelf and keyed door lock for added security. 15.25”W x 20.5”D x 19”H *Lab equipment is non-refundable and not returnable.
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  • SafeSwab Dryer & SafeSwab Dryer Mini

    The Swab Dryer is the safe and secure way to air dry swabs which contain serological evidence. The system provides a constant airflow of filtered air to protect the evidence. Air coming into the cabinet is first passed through a pre-filter to insure it is clean. Particulates given off while drying are filtered through a HEPA filter and then exhausted back into the room. The HEPA filter is designed to capture any biological material that might have been present in the swab samples. Features include a low airflow alarm, clear front hinged door, key lock, and tamper proof seal housing. Unit fits on a bench or can be wall mounted. Includes all requires filters and one swab drying rack. SafeSwab Dryer holds 30 swabs. SafeSwab Dryer - Mini holds 15 swabs. *Lab equipment is non-refundable and not returnable.
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