Blood, Alcohol & Urine Test Kits

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  • Blood-Alcohol Kit

    The Blood-Alcohol Kit includes:
    • Two blood tubes (20 mg. pot. oxcilate 100 mg. fluoride) each in a second protective tube
    • Needle and holder
    • Consent forms
    • Blood-collection report
    • Four blood-type labels for chain of custody
    • Povidone-Iodine prep pad
    • Four color-coded security seals
    • Absorbent materials
    • 4-mil plastic Zipr-Top Bag
    • Mailing carton
    • Instructions
    The kit is packaged in a durable plastic container with foam inserts for the two blood tubes and is labeled for the blood-collection report and chain of custody. Customized kits are also available. Medical Device-Lot Tracked Items - Non-Returnable
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    • EZee Blood Transport Tray Kit w/ Zorb

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      Blood Transport Tray Kit w/ Zorb is the easy way to transport blood samples. This transport kit comes complete with 10 plastic tray tops and bottoms, 10 3" X 6" Zorb sheets and an 8" X 10" Zip-lock bag. Accommodates 10 ml blood vials.
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    • Blood Alcohol Ezee Tray Kit

      Blood Alcohol Ezee Tray Kit is more economical and easier to handle than our standard blood alcohol kit.Includes:
      • Ezee Tray
      • Absorbent Sheet
      • 2 Blood Tube Vials
      • Safety Lock Needle
      • Needle Holder
      • Iodine Prep Pad
      • Biohazard Bag
      • Marker Box
      Medical Device-Lot Tracked Items - Non-Returnable
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      • QuickCheck Bloodstain Green

        Our QuickCheck line of products has been so successful, we've expanded the line to encompass a blood detection kit as well! This kit contains 10 individual bloodstain tests that can immediately tell you whether or not a substance is blood. Simply moisten a sterile swab with distilled water and rub it across the suspected stain. Break both ampoules, agitate to mix, then drop one or two drops on your swab with the provided applicator. If the sample is blood, the swab will instantly turn a bright blue/green. Each kit includes a QuickCheck sleeve, swab and disposal bag. The recommended “use-by” date on this product is 3-6 months. In some cases the tests may last longer, depending on the storage conditions. When the product color has changed in the ampoules to a green tint, the test should no longer be used.
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      • Hexagon OBTI

        Hexagon OBTI is simple to use with results in less than three minutes. Human hemoglobin (hHb) reacts with the conjugate composed of blue particles and monoclonal anti-human hemoglobin antibodies. This screening test rapidly verifies if a bloodstain is human blood. Hexagon OBTI contains a two-part test: a collection tube for the blood sample and a test bar. Directions A sample of the presumed human blood trace is transferred into the tube with transport medium. With the lid screwed back on, shake the sample gently inside the transport medium. This mixture is added, drop by drop, to the test in the sample well (S) at the lower end of the test. A positive sample is typically detected within 2-3 minutes. Negative results should be confirmed after 10 minutes.
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