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  • First Aid Kit

    Instead of searching for band aids or Tylenol, your first aid supplies are stored in a handy, waterproof container. Since this emergency kit has all you need to effectively treat cuts, scrapes and minor burns, you can keep it in your office or vehicle for easy convenience. With this All-Purpose Kit, you get all of the essentials, including a step-by-step first aid guide approved by the American College of Emergency Physicians. Contains: 2 Neosporin First Aid Antibiotic Ointment; 2 Tylenol Extra Strength Caplets, Imodium A-D Caplets; 3 Cleansing Wipes; 10 J&J First Aid Tape 1/2'x5 yds; 114 Band-Aid Brand Assorted Adhesive Bandages; 1 J&J Red Cross Instant Burn Cooling Patch 2.6"x1.0"; 1 Shell; 1 Tray; Plastic Gloves (1 Pair); 1 First Aid Guide; 1 Coach Brand Instant Cold Pack.
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  • Entomology Kit

    The science of entomology is forging ahead as an accurate way of determining time and place of death. Entomology expert, Dr. Neal Haskell, has collaborated with the Lynn Peavey Company to put together an easy-to-use kit for collecting specimens. Conveniently packaged, allowing you to send to any board certified entomologist throughout the country…we even provide the addresses!
    Contents of kit:
    • 8 –Vials (four for adult specimens, four for maggots)
    • 3 –Containers for live specimens
    • 1 –Tweezers
    • 1 –Pencil
    • 3 –Pairs of latex gloves
    • 2 –Solutions for specimens Identity labels
    • 1 –Instruction sheet
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  • Plastic Trowel

    Plastic Trowel is a great accessory for the Entomology Kit 95046.
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  • Specimen Net

    Specimen Net used in conjunction with the Entomology Kit.
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  • Entomology and Death

    Entomology and Death was written in response to the growing interest of law enforcement personnel and forensic scientists in bringing entomology into crime scene investigations. This book carries the reader from an introductory background in forensic entomology all the way through the legal process. Collectively, the authors of this book have over 100 years of experience in the study of entomology in regards to crime scene investigations. By: E. Paul Catts and Neal Haskell

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