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  • Breathable Security Bag

    The KeepSafe® breathable evidence bag is made especially for storing evidence items that need breathing capability to allow evidence to dry while safely stored inside. Each bag features a unique, traceable number and is preprinted with all the information required for proper evidence submission.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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  • Prisoner Property Bag 9″ x 12″

    These heavy-duty polyethylene crystal clear Prisoner Property Bags come with a tamper proof tape strip attached and include a fully-outlined write-on label (to detail a prisoner's possessions) and built-in perforated inventory tab. 100/pk
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  • Currency Pouch

    These heavy-duty polyethylene crystal clear Currency Pouches come with a tamper-proof tape strip attached and include a fully-outlined write-on label for currency and built-in perforated inventory tab. 100/pk
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    • Check Protector 6 in. x 10 in.

      Check Protector bag measures 6 in. x 10 in. with the opening along the 6 in. side for easy document insertion. Each is made from extra heavy duty .005 mil polyethylene plastic with crystal clear results. Seal with a heat sealer or evidence tape. 100/pk
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    • Heat Sealer

      Our heat sealers are designed to melt the openings of the plastic bags together leaving a tamper-proof and leak-proof seal. The sealers shown here are impulse sealers, that instantly zaps the bags shut, yet never gets hot to the touch. Replacement parts are available.
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      • Heat Sealer Replacement Kit

        Never to fear, the Heat Sealer Replacements are here! This handy kit offers all the necessary replacement parts.
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        • Heat-Seal Evidence Bags

          These basic, heavy-duty plastic Heat-Sealed Evidence Bags can be sealed either by the heat sealer or with evidence tape. They can be used for nearly anything, except those of a biological nature. Labels not included. Made of high-clarity 4m polyethylene.
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          • Anti-Static Bags

            Anti-Static Bags protect sensitive items such as electronic components from damage caused by static electricity. With the light-pink tint, these transparent bags are easily identified during storage or shipping.
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            • Vapor Barrier Evidence Pouch

              Vapor Barrier Evidence Pouches are ideal for packaging and storing chemicals, controlled substances, paraphernalia, and volatile materials. Barrier Pouches are useful in a wide variety of applications for evidence collection. These heat sealable pouches are constructed of a combination of films with ideal barrier properties. This barrier eliminates cross-contamination while protecting individuals from exposure to dangerous substances such as PCP and methamphetamine. When properly sealed, the pouches provide a heavy-duty, airtight, and puncture resistant evidence container for collecting, transporting, and storing evidence. They are exceptionally strong, crystal-clear, and are absolutely liquid, air, and vapor tight.
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