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  • Metal Arson Can

    These clean, all-metal arson cans with air-tight lids are designed to package items possibly contaminated with accelerants. Any accelerants remaining will evaporate within the air-tight compartment and then your laboratory can draw a head space sample for evaluation. These metal cans are also being used to store cell phones found or left behind at crime scenes. This can be a huge advantage when investigators and/or police are wanting to examine the information (phone numbers, voicemails, etc.) stored in the phone. The thick metal of the can acts like a barrier, blocking any signals or attempts to try and "reach" the phone, so information that is in the phone cannot be retrieved, deleted or altered! Item #05813 (Pint) Measures 3 3/8"W x 4"H Item #05814 (Quart) Measures 4 1/4"W x 4 7/8"H
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    • Evidence Tube

      The small diameter Evidence Tubes are ideal for single syringes and other narrow objects. The large diameter tubes are ideal for knives, multiple syringes, or other long and narrow objects that won't fit in the small diameter tubes. Each tube has an end cap and a styrofoam cork for protecting sharp ends and for your personal protection.
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      • Adjusta-Tube

        Adjusta-Tube is ideal for safely transporting syringes and knives. Simply place the item inside and continue to screw it down until it fits snugly. 12 pk.
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        • Clear Evidence Jar

          Clear Evidence Jar is molded from crystal clear, rugged, styrene plastic and comes with a tight fitting screw-on cap with a built-in liner that forms a tight, leak-proof seal. 15/pk 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 16oz available.
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          • Metal Evidence Can

            Metal Evidence Cans are perfect for packaging all types of smaller evidence, particularly fragile items such as glass fragments. The tight fitting lid also includes a card stock write-on area for labeling contents. 25 pk.
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            • Whale Mouth Jar 2 oz.

              These wide-mouthed clear plastic Whale Mouth Jars with screw-on caps are great for powders or evidence. 15/pk
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