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  • Kraft Bag Evidence Kit

    Cover all your packing needs with this exclusive Kraft Bag Evidence Kit! We've given you a little taste of everything so you'll be sure to keep well-stocked...and in one convenient box! Whether you stash it at the station or keep it in the trunk of your car...we've got you covered! There is a 1% dimension tolerance on all bag sizes.
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  • Complete Evidence Packaging Kit

    Complete Evidence Packaging Kit includes a varied assortment of our most popular evidence packaging materials for narcotics, biologicals, firearms, long items, liquids, solids, documents, etc.
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  • Explosives Ordnance Kit

    The Explosives Ordnance Kit is specially designed with the EOD division at Fort Lewis and used by the Army to collect debris evidence from an “explosives” crime scene. Includes everything from evidence collection bags to gloves.
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