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  • CCC Cartridge Casing Collector

    CCC Cartridge Casing Collector is a nifty and unique mechanism to pick up spent cartridge casings found at crime scenes…without transferring any DNA. These almost indestructible CCC’s have a small enough tip to fit inside .22 caliber as well as up to .45 caliber rounds. Simply pinch the no-slip-grip tips together, insert into the opening, then slightly release the pressure. Collects that casing instantly. For DNA purposes, they come individually packaged in hermetically sealed bags. A larger, more reusable CCC is available that can handle all casings up to and including 12 gauge shotgun shell sized evidence. Durable and reusable, but for DNA we would recommend pitching or packaging with the collected evidence. Offered in packages of 10 CCC’s or a Combo Pack of 5 small and 2 large. *This idea came to us from a crime scene investigator in Topeka, Kansas!
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    • SceneDoc™

      The SceneDoc platform is built around several key tenets, chief among these is security. Just as physical evidence is kept safely behind lock and key, so too must the digital evidence that is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s mobile world. SceneDoc simplifies the collection, organization, and management of data in one secure location simplifying reporting, retrieval, collaboration and sharing. SceneDoc maintains a secure chain of custody. Since every action is linked back to a specific password protected user, the source and history of evidence is preserved. SceneDoc facilitates the sharing of important data, Supervisors, command and other stakeholders can access the information they need in near real-time from any internet connected device.
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    • Hand Preservation Bag

      The Hand Preservation Bag may be used to cover the hands of a victim, suspect or corpse. It's main purpose is to preserve valuable forensic evidence. It is made of Tyvek material with a drawstring to easily secure the bag in place. Sold individually.
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    • Kraft Paper Roll

      When smaller size bags and boxes will not help with the collection of evidence, reach for the Kraft paper rolls. Available in a durable 60 lbs. weight. The 24" and 36" standard roll paper cutters smoothly dispenses light or heavyweight kraft and other papers. This paper cutter is made of metal with a light gray, powder-coat finish. It cuts evenly, using either side of the double-edged, spring-loaded blade. The rubber feet protect surfaces and it can be mounted on a wall, countertop, or under counter. This paper cutter holds up to 9" diameter roll. Overall Dimensions: Width: 26" or 38" Depth: 6 1/2" Height: 8" The 24" and 48" deluxe dispenser and cutter combo will be the perfect tool for all of your packaging needs! Finished in a gray, powder coat and made from one, complete, welded frame, this cutter is exceptionally strong and sure to stand up to the toughest of tasks. Extremely versatile, this product can be mounted on a countertop, under the counter, or on a wall, wherever is most convenient and accessible for you. Rubber feet located on the bottom protect your wall and counter surfaces. This cutter/dispenser is capable of holding a roll of paper measuring up to 10" in diameter, and also includes a double-edged, spring-loaded blade for precise and smooth cuts every time. Overall Dimensions: Width: 26" or 50" Depth: 6 1/2" Height: 8" Oversized Item
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      • Trace-Evidence Wrap

        These pre-scored Trace-Evidence Wrapping papers are for packaging small items of evidence, such as flakes or hair. Comes printed for basic documentation. Sizes listed are folded sizes. 20 pk.
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        • China Markers

          Our China Markers require no sharpener for easy in the field sharpening. These markers make vivid impressions on all types of surfaces such as glass, plastic, cellophane, and wood. They can be easily removed from non-porous smooth finishes.
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          • Evidence Bench

            This evidence bench is constructed of professional-grade steel and is designed to be used by multiple users processing a high volume of forensic evidence. The top is constructed of a chemical resistant epoxy. The integrated Kraft paper dispenser and lockable storage compartments offer convenience and security. Evidence bench measures 72"W x 36"D x 36"H.

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          • GunLock

            Our reusable GunLock serves one important purpose; preventing accidents in the property room or during examination. Fits most handguns in seconds. Includes a chart of different stringing methods and indestructible nylon rope.
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