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  • Casting Frame

    Adjustable cast aluminum frames that form a dam around the shoe print or tire print to contain the flow of casting material. The 7" wide frame adjusts in length from 10" to 18" The 12" wide frame adjusts in length from 15" to 28".
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  • DocuStat DS220

    The DocuStat DS220 is used to identify indented writing on paper (grooves) on different kinds of paper. For example, you find a used pad of paper in a terrorist suspect's home and use the DocuStat to visualize the indented writing to confirm that he wrote a threatening letter to a politician. This technique often works on the second and third page down from the original depending on how hard the writer pressed down his pen. The securing of the traces is made by charging the plastic film, type IW, with the corona unit. Then, the developing powder is used and the traces are secured with the adhesive film. Features include: more sensitive than oblique lighting; produces permanent 1 to 1 transparencies; responds only to indented writing and ignores visible script; non-destructive - leaves documents uncontaminated; easy document preparation with document humidifier (sold separately) to increase sensitivity of documents prior to electrostatic imaging process; timer for corona exposure; and ventilation for airborne toner particles.

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  • Pathfinder Metalized Electrostatic DustLifter Film

    Use Pathfinder Metalized Electrostatic DustLifter Film with the PathFinder Electrostatic Dust Lifter. Dimensions are 15" X 12" in and comes in 25 count.
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  • PathFinder Electrostatic Dust Lifter

    The wireless PathFinder Electrostatic Dust Lifter will lift dust prints off floors, doors, carpet, paper products, tables, counters, metal, plastic and fabric. The kit comes with PathFinder Device Hand Roller, 2 sheets of Lift Film, carrying case (which can attach to belt), earth plate and instructions. Powered by a 9-volt battery.
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  • PathFinder Electrostatic DustLifter Film Roll

    Use PathFinder Electrostatic DustLifter Film Roll with the PathFinder Electrostatic Dust Lifter. Comes on a roll 10" x 65'.
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  • Mikrosil Toolmark Putty

    If you are faced with preserving toolmarks as evidence (marks from a variety of sources, including break-and-enter tools, firing-pins, and the casting of cartridges), you'll want to get a supply of Mikrosil Toolmark Putty and Casting Material. The dark-brown color of Mikrosil will tend to give you more detail in subsequent photographs.
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  • Mikrosil Catalyst

    Mikrosil Catalyst is replacement hardener that allows the Mikrosil to "set up" and harden.
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  • Trace Evidence

    Item #06702 Trace Evidence Vacuum- For collecting trace evidence at crime scenes, this powerful unit is extremely efficient. Pick up minute particles as small as 0.1 micron in size (about 1/4 the diameter of an average human hair). The Trace Evidence Vacuum comes with a 15-foot power cord and 8-foot hose and is contained in a compact case (17.8" x 7.75" x 9.25") for easy storage and transport. The filter nozzles are sealed with tamper-evident tape and individually cleanroom-wrapped. Attach the filter to the end of the hose and vacuum the area or evidence in question. Then simply submit the entire sealed filter nozzle in its included evidence bag to the crime lab for examination. Comes with a 3-year warranty. Item #09782 is a Trace Evidence Internal Filter Replacement for item #06702 Item #06703 is a Trace Evidence Filter
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  • Extruder Gun Kit

    This Extruder Gun Kit is ideal for taking castings of tool marks, bite marks or any item with minute detail. It comes in a two-part cartridge that dispenses easily through a single disposable mixing tube and dries to a flexible mold. The kit includes one 50ml cartridge.
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