Latent Fingerprint Developing

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  • Powder Shaker

    Powder Shaker™ Resolves cross-contamination.

    Just twist and shake the proper amount of fingerprint powder onto some sort of disposable supply tray (or piece of paper.) Never again dip your brush into an opened jar of powder, leaving it subject to contaminants from a scene or bringing DNA into your powder supply. Once you have sprinkled out the amount that you need, use that to dip your brush into. A controlled amount of powder comes out, with no risk of wasting powder or spilling the entire jar. Available in 2oz Black. All colors and hues available. Call for details.
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  • Single-Scene Fingerprint Powders

    Cross-contamination is on everyone's mind. Not now. Single-Scene Fingerprint Powders are individually packaged and hermetically sealed with enough fingerprint powder to handle a single crime scene...then you toss. Single-Scene Fingerprint Powders are especially important with high-profile cases or pesky defense attorneys.
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  • Single-Scene Brushes

    Introducing Single-Scene Fiber and Feather Duster Brushes. Use with our Single-Scene powders. Single-Scene Fiber and Feather Duster Brushes are the same as our famous Fiber and Feather Dusters, but a little more frugal. After you're done, simply toss. Packaged in sterile, DNA-free tear open pouches.
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  • Single Scene Magnetic Applicator

    Our Single Scene Magnetic Applicator alleviates scratching or damaging latent prints while helping keep the crime scene clean. Each "brush" helps you conserve powder by easily picking up any leftover magnetic powder.
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  • ThriftyFluff™

    Brushes that are cheeeep! Made by us by hand from a specially spun silk-blend engineered fiber that is a soft as cotton candy (without the mess). Holds powder well and makes a tough job much faster. Each brush cluster will naturally vary a bit in volume and shape.
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  • Swift Lift Latent Print Powder Applicator Mitt

    The Swift Lift Mitt’s ergonomical design allows the investigating officer to dust a large area for latent prints in seconds rather than hours. Dust the entire exterior of a car in under 90 seconds. The soft and supple design will not damage ridge detail of the latent print and provides amazing adherence properties to the oils in latent prints. For use on smooth surfaces only. Comes in a pack of 10.
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  • Tex Magnetic Fingerprint Powder Applicator

    Tex Magnetic Fingerprint Powder Applicator is an unbelievably powerful applicator that was designed to prevent contamination from surface to surface. Comes with two disposable sleeves that allow for easy replacement and protects the wand during use. The sleeves also allow the powder ball to be released when finished.
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  • Fiber and Feather Duster Elite

    The other guys are just all wet. Moisture. Humidity. Contaminants. Killers for powder processing for latent print development. Problem solved. Our new Fiber Duster Elite™ and Feather Duster Elite™ fingerprint brushes are now double-treated to REPEL all moisture and surface contaminants... and will at the same time reduce friction with all evidence surfaces…by up to 50%!
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  • Fiber Duster Smooth

    Only from the Lynn Peavey Company, our Fiber Duster Smooth now is guaranteed to offer you up to 40% lower print distortion when processing for prints with regular powders. Years ago, we were inspired by the research of some NASA polymer chemists and engineers. Took us a while...and some money. But we finally came up with a patent-pending treatment process that reduces the friction coefficient of the actual fiberglass filaments involved. Again, a minimum of 40-50% less print distortion. Each durable, perfectly balanced Fiber Duster is carefully wound and trimmed by us by hand…quality that you simply won’t get from other overseas or machine made brushes. Smooth is quantitatively better. Heavy-handed techniques, possible inexperience, one bad swipe or the fragility of the print you are working on...all factors for choosing this brush. Our brushes consistently work. They are affordable, durable and perfectly balanced. They are also pre-broken-in and ready for any powder. They are even washable. The generous soft cluster of fiberglass filaments glide almost effortlessly across the multitude of evidence surfaces...leaving small traces of powder on the minutia that we see in perspiration and oils left in a latent.
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