Latent Fingerprint Developing

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  • Spring Loaded Magnetic Applicator

    The brand-new Spring-Loaded Forensic Wand is technologically genius. It won't roll off a table, and the spring-loaded feature enables you to have one-handed application with the flick of the thumb. What's even cooler is that our magnetic applicators help alleviate damaging or scratching the latent print you worked so hard to develop!If you loved the discontinued Mega-Mag Magnetic Fingerprint Powder Applicator #07555, give this one a try!
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  • Whale Mouth Jar w/ Sifter

    These versatile jars can be used to hold evidence. Or with our sifter screen attachment, you'll never contaminate your powder again! 2 oz., 3 pk.
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  • DustBustr

    Ideal solution for all you fingerprint powder spillers out there. The DustBustr spill-resistant container can stand up to any test!
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  • Basic Fingerprint Powders

    There's nothing standard about our basic fingerprint powders! This Fingerprint Powder is perfect for lifting latent prints from non-porous surfaces such as glass, finished wood and plastic. Hand-made from an all-natural process using the finest ingredients. Available in Super Black, Black, White, Gray, Red and Dual-Use.
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  • PowderJet Fingerprint Powder

    PowderJet Fingerprint Powder delivers just the right amount of powder onto your brush. Absolutely no more contamination. A little squeeze applies the powder to the brush in the air.
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  • Magnetic Fingerprint Powders

    Our magnetic fingerprint powders are the best choice for the cleanest, least destructive method for powdering latent prints. With the Magnetic Fingerprint Powder, there's no risk of damaging or scratching latent prints because only the powder touches the print!