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    • Fingerprint Powder in the Ruff™

      Fingerprint Powder in the Ruff

      NO GIMMICK! Better, safer development.

      But it smells like cinnamon and vanilla! Are you kidding me? Years in the making, we developed the first natural-powder blend that will offer you better results…guaranteed…than your current conventional, industrial waste and chemicals latent print powder. Plus we are also offering you FREE samples to help convince you and introductory pricing! But back to the question of why the scented powders. Conventional powder has no scent. None. If your latent print people are dusting at a crime scene and they get a whiff of something that smells a lot like grandma’s cookies or Christmas morning…they might want to tighten their dust or nuisance mask. Or maybe travel upwind of their powdering. Or possibly even use a bit less powder to begin with. We have all been there before. If you smell smoke, it is usually best to be more aware of your surroundings so they say. 9 out of 10 investigators say they have more than once blown their nose after processing a scene and seen fingerprint powder in their tissue. Generally, our darker colored Powder In The Ruffs are mixed with predominantly cinnamon blends. Lighter colored will be mixed with vanilla. Our patent covers many exotic powders, so you may detect odors of nutmeg, allspice, etc., as well. Multiple sizes available. Not for human consumption, although sometimes tempting. Wear your PPE as usual. Click this link for a free sample! *US Patent Pending. “Ruff” is what our mascot Tracker says. It’s got to be good!
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      • Powder Shaker

        Powder Shaker™ Resolves cross-contamination.

        Just twist and shake the proper amount of fingerprint powder onto some sort of disposable supply tray (or piece of paper.) Never again dip your brush into an opened jar of powder, leaving it subject to contaminants from a scene or bringing DNA into your powder supply. Once you have sprinkled out the amount that you need, use that to dip your brush into. A controlled amount of powder comes out, with no risk of wasting powder or spilling the entire jar. Available in 2oz Black. All colors and hues available. Call for details.
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      • Basic Fingerprint Powders

        There's nothing standard about our basic fingerprint powders! This Fingerprint Powder is perfect for lifting latent prints from non-porous surfaces such as glass, finished wood and plastic. Hand-made from an all-natural process using the finest ingredients. Available in Super Black, Black, White, Gray, Red and Dual-Use.
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        • PowderJet Fingerprint Powder

          PowderJet Fingerprint Powder delivers just the right amount of powder onto your brush. Absolutely no more contamination. A little squeeze applies the powder to the brush in the air.
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          • Magnetic Fingerprint Powders

            Our magnetic fingerprint powders are the best choice for the cleanest, least destructive method for powdering latent prints. With the Magnetic Fingerprint Powder, there's no risk of damaging or scratching latent prints because only the powder touches the print!
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            • Fluorescent Fingerprint Powders

              When exposed to a black light, latent fingerprints dusted with Fluorescent Fingerprint Powder glow with unbelievable intensity and contrast. You'll use less powder, leaving less mess.
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              • Fluorescent Magnetic Fingerprint Powder

                It's the best of both worlds. When exposed to a black light, latent fingerprints dusted with Fluorescent Magnetic Fingerprint Powder glow with unbelievable intensity and contrast. And there's no risk of damaging or scratching latent prints because only the powder touches the print!
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                • Electric Fingerprint Powder

                  Super-charge your latent fingerprints with our brand-new Electric Powders! Prints dusted with this powder appear normal on a light colored surface, but when you dust prints on a dark surface, the prints light up!
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                  • Lightning Fingerprint Powders

                    Black, Silver/Gray, White and Bi-Chromatic powders are perfect for non-porous surfaces such as glass, finished wood, and plastic. These powders are recommended for use in dusting glossy papers (such as magazine covers), tissue paper, rough or polished wood,leather, plastics, glass, and rubber. It works exceptionally well on plastic baggies after they have been treated with cyanoacrylate esters (superglue fumes). Powder is packaged in wide-mouth jars for easy access with a magnetic applicator. Greenwop will fluoresce at 254nm, and between 430nm and 515nm, with its highest sensitivity from 450nm to 505nm. It is especially sensitive to ultraviolet light sources. Having the widest range of sensitivity of all powders, Redwop fluoresces under light from 254nm up to 550nm, with its highest sensitivity at 254nm, and between 430nm and 550nm. Separate feather dusters should be used for each fluorescent powder.
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