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  • Backing Bunker™

    Backing Bunker - Finally, a problem solved for every Latent Print Officer! Retired Lt./CSI Joe Siefferman had this problem…and admit it, you do too. His “fresh” Backing Cards were always getting dusty with fingerprint powder, and it was a hassle to pull out one backing card at a time, especially while wearing gloves. He developed and created a refillable “card shoe” similar to a card dealer in Vegas. Fits within a pocket, BDU cargo or in a kit. He likes to tap it slightly to bring a fresh, clean card to the surface every time. A real dispensing time saver!
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  • Backing Cards

    Use Backing Cards to mount your lifts. Complete with all documentation and crime scene sketch areas, the cards are printed on extra heavy 8-point stock and feature a glossy white or black side for mounting your lifts.
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    • ScaleLift Backing Cards

      This glossy ScaleLift Backing Card comes with the bonus of a ruler (in metric and inches) on the latent print side of the card. Helps ensure complete accuracy when scanning latent prints into the computer system.
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      • DIFF-Lift Lifting Tape

        DIFF-Lift Lifting Tape is 20 times thicker than standard lifting tape and molds itself to textured surfaces. Use on vinyl car dashes, pebble-grained leather, textured plastics, metals, paper, and wood.
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        • Lifting Tape

          Our lifting tapes offer uniform adhesion, proper clarity, and no streaks or air bubbles. The clear tape is crystal clear.
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          • Polyethylene Lifting Tape

            Polyethylene Lifting Tape is ideal for lifting prints from curved surfaces like door knobs, light bulbs, etc. Strong but elastic, this tape film is very adaptable to textured, convex, or concave surfaces. The tape is crystal clear.
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            • Clear Peel-N-Lift Tab On A Roll

              Clear Peel-N-Lift Tab On a Roll are pre-cut, pre-scored, extra easy-to-use fingerprint lifters in a convenient one-at-a-time dispenser roll.
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              • Flap Lifter with Backing Flap

                Simply peel the protective backing sheet of Flap Lifters to expose a clear sticky back lifting tab, then place the tab on the powdered print, lift it, and fold down on the pre-attached backing card flap. The backing card flaps are made from heavy duty black, white, or clear vinyl, and come permanently attached to the flap lifter.
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                • Scaled Flap Lifters

                  Our same great Flap Lifters are now available with a small scale printed for instant (and better) documentation to measure size and relative spatial positioning.
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