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As a way of expressing our appreciation for shopping in our catalog, we offer you free bonus gifts just for your order! If you cannot accept free gifts, why not use them for a door prize or drawing? Simply choose your free gift when you check out.

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$50 Evidence Poster or Chemical Sequence Chart
$100 GagBag, Disposable Poncho, or Sludge
$200 BattleWhite or T-shirt
$400 Gear Bag, Mug-Shot, or CIT Kit

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  • BattleWHITE Forensic Light

    BattleWHITE™ Forensic Light is equally rugged and effective as the familiar BattleLite™. Featuring a single wavelength of 300 lumens of blinding pure white light with 24 individual LEDs to help with forensic examinations. Especially useful to use as side or oblique lighting. Floods a darkened crime scene like no other regular flashlight. In the tail cap there’s a powerful magnet that holds it at any angle for hands-free use…or use the pocket clip or the wall holder. Two power settings in case the full power is too bright for your preference. 3-AA battery operated. Included of course. Sure, you can buy them all day from us for $30 each. Wouldn’t it be better to get one for FREE? Order $200 or more off the Lynn Peavey Website and get this Forensic Light Source for FREE!!! *Limit one per order. One per customer. Value: $30. Must request the free BattleWHITE at time of order placement. Offer may expire at any time, so place your order today!
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  • Dog-Gone It! T-Shirt

    Dog-Gone It! These are top-quality, softer than a baby’s b***. Plus its got ours and your favorite slobber producer Tracker right on the front. When placing an order, talk to one of our helpful and knowledgeable customer service reps. You may even get them to toss one in with your order for FREE. (We only ask that you make it worth their while and make it a fairly large order…otherwise, their job might be on the line!) Work great as recognition gifts to a deserving officer or student!
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    • Tracker’s Sludge Barbecue Sauce

      From the barbecue capital of the world comes our real-world version of barbecue sauce. We spent hours testing the best BBQ KC has to offer, and it doesn't get any better than Tracker's Sludge Barbecue Sauce. This rich and tangy sauce packs some punch but doesn't overdo it on the sweet side. It has just enough to keep it from biting you back, but nothing overpowering.
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    • GagBag

      As a cop, evidence tech, training or property officer, what’s the last thing you want to see? An evidence bag leaking blood.
      Come on, we know you have a sick sense of humor just like us. Wouldn’t one of these carefully placed GagBags go great in the lunch room…or on the paperwork of a rookie cop…or possibly on the Chief’s desk? Or possibly just put on display on your own work area?
      Each one is meticulously poured with a bloody resin pool, then allowed to cure. Realistic in every way, you have to touch it to make sure it’s not still wet! Variations will occur. Properly sealed with evidence tape, the GagBag is just waiting for its next unsuspecting victim. At the very least, it’ll remind people of the importance of air drying and proper collection and packaging procedures.
      Valued at nearly $20, FREE with your order though of $100. You must request your free bag at order placement, and not available in conjunction with other offers.
      *We will not assume any liability for who you will pull this GagBag prank on. Nor do we encourage or endorse the use of this prop in any way. This may cause screaming, loss of appetite, disgust, heart palpitations and worse in people prone to medical conditions. Use with caution. Cell phone pictures of the “event” will be welcome.
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    • Duffel Bags

      Our gear bags are the perfect solution for storing all those great products you bought from us! Duffel Bags are black with silver "Police", "Sheriff", or "Forensics" imprint or white "Crime Scene" imprint.
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      • Evidence Poster

        You’ll want to frame this poster…and it’s now available for a limited time free with a $50 order placed. Regularly $19.95! A limited number of prints were produced to signify exactly what we do…EVIDENCE…and the myriad of meanings that this word exemplifies. Printed in a virtual rainbow of colors and set against almost a DNA helix of color. All you need to do is take this down to your local hobby shop or Wal-Mart for a few bucks for matting and framing. It’ll look great in your office! Poster is 24" x 18".
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      • CIT (CSI In Training) Kit

        A great gift for every young CSI (over age 9 that is). Introduce the next generation to the real deal in lifting fingerprints with this CIT (CSI In Training) Kit.
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      • Chemical Sequence Chart

        This 11" x 17" chart shows you what chemicals to use in different crime scene scenarios.
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      • Mugs

        Here's a great little item to display on a shelf or to hold pens and pencils on your desk. You can even use it to drink coffee or your favorite cold beverage when the work slows down. Our Mug-Shot Coffee Mug is hand-painted, then glazed and fired to perfection. The pistol looks so real, you'll be amazed.
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