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  • Stanley Distance Meter

    The Stanley Intellimeasure Distance Meter is suitable for indoor and outdoor measurements up to 40 feet. Additional features include:
    • Display English And Metric Graduations
    • Measures Distances By Transmitting/Receiving Ultrasonic Waves
    • Memory Storage/Recall
    • Area/Volume Calculation
    • Automatic Summing
    • Auto Shutoff
    • Accuracy +/-0.5% Of Reading
    • Battery Type (1) 9 V Not Included
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  • Disto E7500i Laser Distance Meter

    Measure distances, areas, volumes, tilts and more with Disto E7500i Laser Distance Meter. Disto E7500i stands for easy and effortless outdoor distance measurement. The unique combination of digital Pointfinder and 360 degree tilt sensor allows measurements which are not possible with conventional distance meters. In addition, with Bluetooth Smart and attractive free apps, you are prepared for the future.
    • Digital Pointfinder with 4x zoom
    • IP65 water jet protection and dust-tight
    • 360° tilt sensor
    • Smart Horizontal Mode™
    • Height tracking
    • Bluetooth® Smart
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  • 300ft Open Reel Tape Measure

    300ft Open Reel Tape Measure features two sides: Standard English and Engineers'. It won't rust, is lightweight, and has superior strength. Also features durable double-fastened housing with super-fast 3 x 1 rewind.
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  • 30m Metric Tape Measure

    30m Metric Tape Measure displays units in both metric and inches. It's the best of both worlds!
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    • Professional Measuring Wheels

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      • 50′ Steel Tape Measure

        This steel tape is great for those who need a longer tape but like the blade protection that a closed house offers. The blade is nylon-coated for superior durability and rust resistance. High-impact resistant case with full-rubber, non-slip grip. 3/8” wide x 50’ steel blade. Folding steel hook for greater hold on measuring surfaces.
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      • Standing Tape

        This metal "tape measure" is more than that...the (matte finish) numbers are printed in large bold type face in two different color schemes (black /white on one side, and red/ white on the other) that can be seen from over 75 feet away! The Standing Tape's length is 6.5 feet and its size resembles that of an average tape measure. The coolest feature about the Standing Tape is that it can be removed from its dispenser and it stands up by itself! There's even a little hole in the end for a pin or thumbtack to help steady it on a wall. A great aid for a resourceful investigator...blood spatter, tool marks, relative distances, etc.!
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