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  • Black and White T-Scale

    Move over L because here comes the T. Black and White T-Scale runs perfectly perpendicular to the ground. Ideal for photographing just about everything!
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  • Peavey Photo Ruler 5 cm. Scale

    Get precise measurements every time in close-up crime scene shots with this right angle Peavey Photo Ruler, ideal for photographing handprints, footprints, tire tracks, etc. It is made of rigid vinyl plastic and marked with easy-to-read measurements on a glare-free finish.
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  • Forensic Star

    An innovation that offers a technically feasible method to evaluate and photograph the spatial relationship between forensic measurement scales and evidence. Simply place two L-scales (09952) in the grooves of the Forensic Star at 90 degree angles to each other. Comes 10 to a package. L-scale rulers not included.
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  • 2-N-1 Ruler Label

    Our adhesive 2-N-1 Ruler Label has an over 4 inch measuring surface and is shaped like the ABFO scale. Peel carefully and then stick to any surface before photographing. Measures in both inches and millimeters. 2 per sheet/20 sheets per pack.
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  • Light Adhesive Photo Scale Pads (2″ and 5 cm)

    Handy and convenient photo scales with a light adhesive backing. Designed with an area to document pertinent information. Non-reflective surface, removes easily without leaving residue behind. 50 scales per pad.
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  • Photo ID Cards

    All the basics are included on the front of these Photo ID Cards. A gray scale graduation chart is included on the right side, while a scale is on the left side. Further, a full color chart is included at the bottom for 50% and 100% color matching. The backside is also printed with room for weather conditions, f-stop, seconds, lens and location entries, among others.
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  • Evidence Template

    Evidence Template, which is specially die-cut from non-glare stock, will stick to any wall, floor, or ceiling. It has its own pre-printed scale, information blanks, and instructions. 15/pk
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  • Bloodstain Template

    You don't have to be a trained bloodstain analyst to use Bloodstain Template. Its purpose is to highlight the importance of bloodstains and to document them through microphotography. This template, which is specially die-cut from non-glare stock, will stick to any wall, floor, or ceiling. It has its own pre-printed scale, information blanks, and instructions. It's also available in a generic format for non-bloodstain photos. 15/pk
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  • 2″ x 3″ Photo Numbers 1-9

    Our big, bold, easy-to-read Photo Numbers are adhesive-backed and will adhere to virtually any evidence or surface, including walls. Numbered 1 through 9...five of each (45 total).
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  • 4 in. x 5 in. White Photo Flag Numbered

    Photo flags have black 3" numbers and 18" long stems. #05147 contain flags numbered 1-9 (shown). #07415 contain white flags numbered 10-20
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  • 1″ x 1″ Arrow Photo-ID Sticker Booklet

    Mark your items of interest in a crime scene photo with these stick on photo ID numbers and arrows in the Arrow Photo-ID Sticker Booklet. Comes with 25 sheets per book.
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  • Number Photo-ID Sticker Booklet

    Mark your items of interest in a crime scene photo with these stick-on photo ID numbers and arrows. 25 sheets per Number Photo-ID Sticker Booklet.
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  • Forensic Mirror

    This 3" x 5" Forensic Mirror is useful for directing light into crevices and side-lighting footwear and tire impressions. The opposite side features a gray scale that is identical to our Forensic Photo Scale, with the exception of no cuts. This allows small objects such as bullets to be placed on the scale within the printed circles for accurate photo documentation. The mirror comes in a black leather carrying case.
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  • Forensic Photo Scale

    This two-piece Forensic Photo Scale is designed to assist the forensic photographer in the photo documentation of physical evidence such as latent prints, tool marks and much more. The circular and square cut-outs allow the scale to surround the evidence being photographed. The two-piece set includes black on gray and fluorescent orange on gray printed in both metric and inches. Comes in a black leather carrying case.
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  • GEO Cards

    A quick way to determine spatial relationships through geometry. Long story short, here is a “cocktail napkin" idea that came from an NCIS Agent that made it as another marketable good idea. These 12" X 12" pre-printed cards should be placed as shown in the foreground of your overall crime scene photos. Print your picture out in any magnification, then take a ruler and pen and extend the lines as shown directly on the photo. By forming this grid directly on your photo, you can easily tell the relative spatial determination of objects or points of interest. Saves a ton of time at the scene, and it really works!
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  • CSI Magnetic Board

    Everyone has heard the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words". Nowhere is this more evident than in a court of law, where words may be missed but pictures linger. Having to describe to a judge and jury exactly what happened and where it happened within a crime scene is of extreme importance. Creating a crime scene sketch is one of the first steps to take in reaching that goal. A sketch is as an invaluable aid used to visualize a crime scene and spatial relationships of items within a scene's environment. And, it doesn't take a huge intellectual leap to see that an accurate and clearly labeled drawing will go much further in court than a poorly drawn, hard-to-follow hand sketch. Using conventional methods to prepare a quality crime scene sketch can be a daunting task. It's one that requires accurate measurements, lots of coffee, plenty of time and an element of artistic talent. Help has arrived, in the form of "The Board for Crime Scene Investigation", a patented drawing system that drastically simplifies "hand-sketching" through the use of scaled and graphically-detailed magnetic symbols and a magnetic 11" x 19" layout grid surface. The kit contains more than 650 magnetic symbols include furniture, kitchen components, weapons, people/victims, vehicles, arrows and pre-labeled text blocks (in = 1 ft. scale), a title block/evidence log and wet-erase marker. The system comes in a durable binder (12" x 10" x 1" thick) making it a portable on-the-scene tool. While accurate measurements will always be critical, imagine the time saved by simply placing a magnetic "sofa and chair" in position, instead of drawing them in using a pencil and paper. After a sketch is completed, a digital camera shot or photocopy of the board provides a high quality permanent record. And the best part - no art classes. The BoardTM for Crime Scene Investigation was developed with the assistance of a number of CSIs who saw the positive effects such a product would have on efficiency and accuracy.
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  • Photo Documentation Kit

    Photo Documentation Kit is the ultimate photographer's kit! Comes complete in orange Gear Case with:
    • Yellow tent markers 1-50
    • Yellow arrow set
    • 6-inch vinyl rulers
    • L-Scale
    • 30' ft. metric tape
    • 60' ft. endless rule tape
    • 2-cm. photo scales
    • White 2" mini-ruler
    • 25' ft. tape measure
    • Sonin Laser Targeting Range Finder
    • 6"X4" photo ID card
    • Photo stickers
    • Evidence photo template
    • Photo flags
    • 2"X3" photo numbers
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  • Miscellaneous Batteries

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