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    • 6″ Vinyl Ruler

      A must-have for close-up crime scene evidence photography, the 6" Vinyl Ruler shows evidence size and has a surface which can be written on. These reusable rulers come in white, gray, black, clear, fluorescent or combo. 10 pk.
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      • Stick-It Magnetic Rulers

        Flexible Stick-It 6" magnetic rulers are perfect for sticking on automobiles, metal doors, file cabinets, etc... The flat non-glare finish of the Stick-It Magnetic Rulers eliminates reflections when photographing. Available in White (95367), Black (95368), Fluorescent Green (95369) and Gray (95369). 10 pk.
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        • Reversible Scale

          Put some perspective into your photographs with our new Reversible Scale rulers. Designed for tire track and footwear impressions. Printed black on white on one side and white on black on the other. The glare-free finish is ideal for a variety of lighting conditions. 300 x 150mm.
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        • Folding Scale

          The bright yellow and black colors of the Folding Scale make for easy photographing. The L-shaped side can be use for shoe and tire impressions. The reverse side is great for photographing long or vertical surfaces.
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        • Combo Ruler Pack

          Combo Ruler Pack includes one of each of the following:
          • Reversible Scale Ruler
          • 6" White Vinyl Ruler
          • 6" Black Vinyl Ruler
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        • 6″ Disposable Ruler

          Sometimes the best inventions are the most basic, like our Padded Rulers. Easy-to-use and disposable, these rulers measure 1" x 6". 15 per pad.
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        • Same Plane Scale

          Same Plane Scale is designed so it can be elevated to the same height/level as the evidence. This allows for both the scale and evidence to be in focus when photographs are taken. Space available for placement of identifying information such as case number, name, badge number, etc. 40 to a pack.
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        • Ruler Tape 30 ft.

          A must-have for close-up crime scene evidence photography, the ruler tape shows evidence size and has a surface which can be written on. Twelve-inch rulers are repeated on the roll.
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        • Mini-Rulers 150 Count

          They may be mini, but Mini-Rulers stand up to the biggest jobs! Features a light-adhesive removable backing. The black mini-rulers are ideal for photographing light surfaces, while the white mini-rulers are ideal for photographing dark surfaces. In addition, the fluorescent mini-ruler is the perfect companion to our fluorescent magnetic powders and Microblue.
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