360 CSD (Crime Scene Documentation) System


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WOW. The 360 CSD. Truly a copywriters nightmare. Too little space here to write about…too many neat features. But we’ll try.

Imagine this: you set the robotic camera in seconds on a hi-tech tripod in the center of your complex crime scene. Press a button and the camera scans the entire room, capturing every detail with thousands of HD images (and each infinitely adjustable for crisp detail.)

With the included laptop pre-loaded with software you then can “stitch” together the images to create a virtual view or “tour” of the entire crime scene. You can zoom in on tiny little details like shell casings and blood spatter or zoom out for a general view. Too light or too dark to pickup the detail you need? Adjust it with a button to adjust the exposure.

Want a measurement? Click on two points and you have it. Mapping functions are a breeze.

If you want a system that will capture a gnat’s behind…this one probably will do it. But you’ll have to see one of our webinars or personal demonstrations to believe it. After you buy the system though, we include 2 days of on-site training.

For courtroom presentations or crime scene documentation and reconstruction, there simply isn’t a better option. Call for more information.


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