Bullet Hole Testing Master Kit




The identification of bullet holes may be very important in the investigation of criminal cases involving the use of firearms. These bullet holes are usually characterized by the presence of metals (mainly lead and copper) originating from the bullet’s outer surfaces in the margins of these holes. Using our Bullet Hole Testing (BTK) Master Kit can help the investigator identify the caliber and direction from which the bullet was fired.

Contents of kit:

  • 1 ea. Sturdy black Kit Case (10.4” W x 13.1” L x 3.33” H)
  • 10 ea. Lead Solvent Ampoules
  • 10 ea. Lead Reagent Ampoules
  • 10 ea. Copper Solvent Ampoules
  • 10 ea. Copper Reagent Ampoules
  • 50 ea. Benchkote Test Papers (Plastic-backed filter paper)
  • 100 ea. Plastic Bags (for packing the positive test papers)
  • 4 ea. Technician Report Forms
  • 1 ea. White Photographic Scale
  • 1 ea. Permanent Marker

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Benchkote Testing Papers, 25pk, Bullet Hole Testing Kit, 10 tests, 40 Ampoules, Copper Reagent Ampoule Refills (Step 4), 10pk, Copper Solvent Ampoule Refills (Step 3), 10pk, Lead Reagent Ampoule Refills (Step 2), 10pk, Lead Solvent Ampoule Refills (Step 1), 10pk


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