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Only from the Lynn Peavey Company, our Fiber Duster Smooth now is guaranteed to offer you up to 40% lower print distortion when processing for prints with regular powders.

Years ago, we were inspired by the research of some NASA polymer chemists and engineers. Took us a while…and some money. But we finally came up with a patent-pending treatment process that reduces the friction coefficient of the actual fiberglass filaments involved. Again, a minimum of 40-50% less print distortion. Each durable, perfectly balanced Fiber Duster is carefully wound and trimmed by us by hand…quality that you simply won’t get from other overseas or machine made brushes. Smooth is quantitatively better. Heavy-handed techniques, possible inexperience, one bad swipe or the fragility of the print you are working on…all factors for choosing this brush.

Our brushes consistently work. They are affordable, durable and perfectly balanced. They are also pre-broken-in and ready for any powder. They are even washable.

The generous soft cluster of fiberglass filaments glide almost effortlessly across the multitude of evidence surfaces…leaving small traces of powder on the minutia that we see in perspiration and oils left in a latent.


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